Our Method for IT Success

Client Management Methodology (CMM)

EVERNET has developed proven methods of success to secure your IT and have it scale to your growing business. Every EVERNET client has our 4 methods of IT success services available at no extra cost. We want to bring efficiency and security to your workplace.


Maintenance services keep your systems up to date and running smoothly.


Protect your brand and propel your business forward with Digital Brand Management.


Understand cyber security risks and how it affects your business.


Align your business goals with cost-forward IT.

Transparent & Efficient

EVERNET Maintenance

Broken printers, forgotten passwords, loss of data, and software updates are common IT issues businesses deal with on a daily basis. EVERNET has developed a maintenance system where you simply email or call our helpdesk to resolve any IT issue your business is having. You’ll get to know our IT experts remotely or in the field any time you need IT support. With our maintenance system, you can view all requests, their status, and billing all in one place just by logging into your account.


Maintenace keeps your office systems up to date and working properly, increasing security and productivity.

How It Works

The Maintenace checklist keeps your IT up to date to avoid downtime and data loss.

Advanced Security & Education

EVERNET Security

Many businesses understand that cyber security is important for their bottom line but most do not realize that common IT mistakes can cause big cyber security issues down the road. This is why EVERNET with its 15+ years of experience providing IT support to businesses realized there was a need to offer security education to businesses and their employees. One of our IT experts will schedule a virtual or in-office security awareness training session with you where your employees can learn preventative IT measures when it comes to email security, browser security, and device management.


Learn preventative IT measures from the experts at EVERNET. From phishing scams to password security–we’ll keep you informed on the latest cyber security practices that can protect your business.

How It Works

We’ll send you an email offering your business a security session. Choose virtual or on-site, pick a date, and we’ll be there to educate you and your employees on IT best practices.

Online Reputation & Marketing


People search for information on their phones all the time. If someone is looking for your address, website, or phone number in Google and nothing pops up, then that could damage your business reputation and result in a loss of new clientele. EVERNET digital brand maintenance analyzes your online presence and makes sure your business is presented correctly and positively. Understand your clients, improve your web visibility, and protect your online image with us.


Keep your online presence up to date with SEO, Domain and Hosting, Website Design, Google Business, and growth marketing services from EVERNET.

How It Works

We’ll review your business online from Google Business reviews to contact information and website updates. Providing you with analytical data and insights on how your business is performing online.

Business Growth & IT Insights

EVERNET Alignment

EVERNET will provide you with a birds-eye view of your business and how IT can be part of your business strategy. When your workplace technology is running smoothly and your private business data is secured, your business can adapt to changes and respond to market needs at a faster rate. We’ll provide you with IT strategies that scale your business technology and protect it as it grows.


Get recommendations on new software applications, cyber security methods, and IT strategies from our technology experts.

How It Works

On a quarterly basis, EVERNET will send out reminders to clients looking for IT strategies and recommendations related to their business. Pick a day and time and we’ll provide you with deep insights into your business technology.

Hundreds of Happy Clients

I have been a very satisfied EVERNET customer for more than 10 years. Thanks to the great people at EVERNET, I have had extremely efficient, reliable and secure computer and email systems. The service and tech support is always incredible. I highly recommend EVERNET to any business owner.

Bob Shea

Another very helpful interaction with Evernet. We’re never disappointed. Problem solved quickly so our employees could get back to doing what they do best.

Christopher M

I work for a small engineering firm that uses Evernet all of the time. They are very attentive and helpful and they will stick with an issue until they resolve it. I would recommend them to anyone looking for IT help!

Hannah Skidmore

I have worked with Evernet Consulting now for over 10 years. The staff is always helpful and professional when called upon. I highly recommend their services.

Joe Nania

Very satisfied with the service and response from EVERNET! Paul has been great to all of our needs especially during times of the day when most needed. He is quick and always comes back with an answer. If he doesn't have the answer right away, he's quick to research and his follow up is always appreciated! Highly recommend!

Trish Guglielmo

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