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What is VoIP?

Recently, meetings have turned virtual, and work schedules are more flexible. Voice and video calls have seen a huge increase. Workers are more productive because they are able to work anywhere. 

A traditional phone system limits employees access to communication tools. A business A voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) service allows you to connect to your business tools no matter where you are.

A VoIP phone service eliminates the need for expensive hardware, making the set up fee lower than traditional phone systems. For everything from virtual numbers to video conferencing, VoIP won’t cost as much as you think.

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Why Do I Need VoIP?

If you’re looking to upgrade your business phone system, it’s time to consider a VoIP phone system over the traditional phone systems of the past.

With increasing costs of landline calls and private branch exchange (PBX) sets, a voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phone system is a more affordable way to upgrade your business communication.

VoIP isn’t just about being cheap – it’s also about how much more bang companies can get for their buck. Increased flexibility means increased employee productivity.

EVERNET will walk with you through the switch from traditional phones to VoIP and insure a quick and easy transition.

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How Much Does Hosted VoIP Cost?

We understand that every organization is unique. To ensure seamless integration of our software with minimal disruption to your operations, we take great care in assessing the health and performance of your system to determine the optimal timeframe for this process. An initial setup and integration fee is tailored to your organization’s support plan, specific needs, and size.


EVERNET’s relationships with vendors, allows us to keep costs low. See our pricing page for more details.


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