A Marketing Service Provider That Boosts The Impact Of Your Online Presence

When you partner with EVERNET as your marketing service provider you’re adding a marketing team to your staff. We’ll learn your business and its goals for growth and design a marketing plan, that includes SEO services, email marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and other digital marketing solutions to help crush your most lofty business objectives.



“EVERNET just implemented an SEO plan that’s starting to show results. They are detailed in their process and know digital marketing.”

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Transparent Pricing

We give a fully transparent view into costs in our service level agreement (SLA). We offer competitive pricing with no surprises. 


24/7 IT Monitoring

No matter if you’re in a meeting, or working with a client, your systems and data are being monitored at all times. We are looking out for security breaches, and unusual behavior. 

Support and Repair

We’re there for you for any of your IT emergencies. We’ll provide remote or on-site repair for any hardware or software issue. 


Cybersecurity that meets the standards and compliance of any industry. We also provide training to your employees to ensure they’re prepared for threats. 

Website Development & Design

Your website is one of your most important sales tools. You need your website to work harder for you and drive more traffic and customer. If your website is acting more like a brochure, as opposed to a revenue influencer, look no further. The experts at EVERNET are here to help.  

No need to vet a digital marketing company. You’ve trusted us to manage your IT service, you can trust us to design and develop your website. From website architecture, and iconography, to navigation and conversion rate optimization, we’ll make sure your website meets the goals and objectives you have defined to achieve success. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Are you looking to get a boost in search engine rankings? EVERNET’s marketing strategists want to make sure your site is visible and answering the questions your customers are asking. We’ll make sure your website is a revenue-producing machine with an SEO audit, keyword strategy, link-building tactics, conversion rate optimization, and on- and off-page SEO that is optimized for your industry.  

In addition to SEO, we’ll analyze the results to ensure the strategy is matching objectives. If you’re looking to increase your website’s visibility and improve search results, give us a call.


Managed Support

Support at a fixed price,
per Month, per computer.
Project Rate at a Discount.

$85/per month per computer
$125/per hour Project Rate
$20/month Vendor Management Mailbox
$500 Onboarding Fee for New Clients

Hourly Support

Pay as you go or
pre-purchase Support &
Project hours at a
discounted rate.

Starting at $120/per hour
$20/month Vendor Management Mailbox
$500 Onboarding Fee for New Clients

Global support from a local resource

We are locally owned and operate in the New England area, so you receive personal service from professionals you can trust. 

We Know CyberSecurity

EVERNET delivers industry-leading compliance and threat defense. You can rely on our team to deliver the training and security solutions to best serve your business IT needs.

Service Excellence

We provide unmatched IT service, support and project consultation for your business.

How To Leverage Online Marketing
For Business Growth


In this digital age, it’s important to leverage all channels of digital marketing – not just your website. The Internet has created a plethora of opportunities and leveraging digital marketing should be at the top of your priority list. Here are some of the best ways to use online marketing to your advantage.

conduct a website audit to determine your website's effectiveness

Download The
Measure Your Website

Make sure your website is working for you, and not against you, and improve your website’s traffic and effectiveness. In this audit, you’ll learn the potential pitfalls of your website and where to make improvements in SEO, automation, and more. Download your website audit and see how your website is performing. 


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Digital Marketing Services


As a digital marketing service provider, we’ll develop digital marketing strategies and tailor marketing campaigns designed to attract your target audience and ideal customer, including a mix of content marketing which includes blogs and eBooks, social media marketing, pillar pages and we’ll supplement with demand generation tactics to engage your customer and educate. Working with EVERNET is like having an entire digital marketing agency in your corner.

Marketing Execution

We leverage software and technology to develop and implement marketing plans that help achieve your business goals. We’ll define the metrics, channels, tactics, and schedules to execute those campaigns. An account manager will measure results and make data-driven decisions to ensure marketing effectiveness can be shown as well as optimized.  

Enable Marketing Automation


Marketing automation helps streamline, automate, and measure your marketing tasks and effectiveness. We’ll provide consultations on the software tools to implement to improve efficiency on repetitive tasks so you can free up your time for strategy. We’ll help with workflows, lead nurturing, and customer engagement to personalize messaging and improve the experience for your target audience. Optimize your marketing efforts and close more deals and retain more customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use EVERNET as my marketing service provider?

You’ve trusted us as your managed service provider for your IT service, you can trust us for your marketing services. We have a team of marketing experts who already know your business and industry. There’s no need to vet another marketing agency and add another contract to manage. We can help plan, implement, and execute on website design projects, and digital marketing campaigns.

What marketing services does EVERNET provide?

We can help with website redesign and development, SEO services (including keyword research, copywriting, inbound/outbound links), conversion rate optimization, technology vendor management, and more.

How will you partner with us?

We will work with you on any marketing project. We can be a long-term marketing partner or provide one-off services as you need them. We’ll help define the goals that are important to your business and create a plan tailored to exceed those goals. We have reasonable pricing based on your needs.

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We are technology obsessed and that translates to how serve our clients. It’s no coincidence that we’ve been in business for over 15 years. We are determined to provide the best possible IT support for businesses of any size. We’re here to help your business with tech support and are with you every step. Whether it’s buying new devices, server management, website designs, cybersecurity, and so much more. Let’s connect and see how we can help with your IT needs.