EVERNET Security Awareness Training 

What Is Security Awareness Training? 

Security awareness training educates employees on how to protect the organization’s computer systems. Its goal is to help prevent cyber attacks from impacting a company’s database and day-to-day operations. 

An effective security awareness training program offers three important features: 

  1. Emphasizes the importance of protecting the company and its employees. 
  2. Implements policies and procedures to create a secure environment. 
  3. Establishes a point of contact in case a potential threat is discovered. 
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Why Do I Need

Security Awareness Training?

For many industries, an effective cybersecurity system is a requirement. Those who work in the Financial, Healthcare, and Government sectors, as well as those who practice law, are required to make sure that all personal information and data are secured. 

According to a 2023 Knowledge Hut article, there are three main federal cybersecurity regulations in the United States.  

HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and Homeland Security Act protect the security of medical and healthcare information, data collected by financial institutions, and information stored by government agencies. (Knowledge Hut, 2023) 

the guide to cybersecurity awareness training importance

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How Much Does Antivirus Software Cost?

We understand that every organization is unique. To ensure seamless integration of our software with minimal disruption to your operations, we take great care in assessing the health and performance of your system to determine the optimal timeframe for this process. An initial setup and integration fee is tailored to your organization’s support plan, specific needs, and size.


EVERNET will manage Employee Training for you, ensuring that your employees are fully trained and equipped to defend your business against cybersecurity threats.  EVERNET’s relationships with vendors, allows us to keep costs low. See our pricing page for more details.


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