What Is A vCIO Meeting?

vCIO and business alignment is a strategy that highlights the incorporation of IT operations and business objectives to help manage costs, improve agility, increase IT ROI.

Here we evaluate the performance and the effect of all our interactions with your business in a quarterly meeting and align them with your company’s goals and needs going into the future. You can call us at (860)656-7810 or email helpdesk@evernetco.com and we will help align your business and your goals for it!

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How Much Does Your vCIO Meeting Cost?

Your vCIO Meeting is a service we offer to existing clients, become an EVERNET customer to have access to your vCIO and better align your business.

The vCIO service is billed to your project contract.

Overall: Our clients average about three hours of billable time per quarter to meet with there vCIO to maximize efforts moving forward.

What If I'm Not a EVERNET Customer?

If you aren’t an EVERNET customer, you will need to become one to take advantage of our IT Maintenance Service.

Simply Schedule A Discovery Call or review our pricing.

Why Do I Need A vCIO meeting?

The top of our EVERNET Hierarchy of needs is Business Alignment, where we take all the tools in our CMM and work with you directly to make sure that all systems for your business are firing on all cylinders.

At the heart of EVERNET we are a consulting agency and you can rely on us to give you advice so that you can make the best decisions for your company, taking your business to a place where you are achieving your goals.

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