EVERNET Vendor Management Service

What Is Vendor Management?

Vendor Management Service is a service offered by EVERNET that helps clients manage their vendors.

The way we do this is by creating a unique email address for every client on EVERNET’s mail server and we point this email address into our Client Portal.

Then, whenever a client directs us or expects us to monitor or manage a vendor for them, we use this email address.

The effect being when an email notice comes out of the vendor pertaining to their service, that email creates a Ticket in our Client Portal for the respective client and we triage it like any other Ticket.

If you need to know about it, we bring it to your attention with our recommendation.

This modest yet powerful service is a core tenant of EVERNET’s Client Management Methodology and ensures our client’s systems are always properly managed and never neglected.

Why Do I Need Vendor Management?

At EVERNET we consider ourselves your first vendor and so Vendor Management is mandatory for all active clients with active support plans.

This service is key to making certain that clients never have a blind spot that would result in them being left insecure or vulnerable to costly service downtime.

With EVERNET’s Vendor Management service, clients can rest assured knowing their systems and accounts are always monitored and managed.

How Much Does
Vendor Management Service Cost?

The EVERNET Vendor Management service costs only $20.00 per month to your account. It is added to your “Services” contract and has no term.

If you discontinue your account with us, this service will be ended on the date you notice us of your separation.

Once the service is no longer active, the mailbox is deleted from our server and none of the data is preserved or saved unless requested by the client.

Any notices from vendor accounts to this email address will no longer be received and not ticketed with our system so we encourage outgoing clients to make certain they make necessary changes to their accounts before discontinuing service with EVERNET.