Web and Marketing Maintenance Service

What Is Web and Marketing Maintenance?

Your web presence is a community that needs to be maintained, from your website itself to social media and even google! Protecting your brand on the web is important to controlling and increasing sales, and managing how your community views you.

EVERNET is more than just a doctor for your computer, we are capable of helping your business grow and flourish. Whether you are in need of more clients and sales, or you are overworked and need help with automation, EVERNET can provide these resources for you.

Let EVERNET evaluate your business needs and build a website that manages your client›s journey from the sales process through their life with your company. If you are interested in how we can help you and your business you can call us at (860)656-7810 or email us at  helpdesk@evernetco.com

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How Much Does Website and Marketing Maintenance Cost?

Your estimated maintenance cost will be dependent on the size of your website and marketing infrastructure.

We will check your hosting to monitor optimal settings as well as check on renewal dates, so that your website stays online.

For WordPress websites we will review plugins that need monthly updating, we track and make sure that updating will happen effectively and not have any issues.

We will check your online presence to make sure you are the owner of all your directory listings and they have the correct information and not secured by someone else, harming your reputation.

EVERNET recommends a minimum of 1 hour of maintenance every month, billed at our project rate ($150). Clients currently using EVERNET as their web host and haven’t opted out of the ManagedWP addon could see website maintenance below 30 min.

What If I'm Not a EVERNET Customer?

If you aren’t an EVERNET customer, you will need to become one to take advantage of our IT Maintenance Service.

Simply Schedule A Discovery Call or review our pricing.

Why Do I Need Website and Marketing Maintenance?

You don’t want to leave it up to fate, how you are perceived by others and the web is the main resource of controlling that.

We are there to answer questions, create content and generate custom goals that align with your business. EVERNET is the business consultant that does it all, with effective marketing strategies that are proven to work we can help you get your message out clearly and effectively. Ensuring your branding is exactly how you want it

See How Your Website Is Performing With The Web Audit Checklist

the guide to it maintenance

Like going to the doctor, your website needs a checkup and audit every few months to see if it’s running optimally, and ranking in search results. An audit will also help improve your website’s overall performance, whether it’s converting visitors, and identify and provide fixes for your website. EVERNET is a trusted web audit service provider.

** IT Systems maintenance that is crucial to a companies success and health. Almost all of our customers can agree our CMM reminders and services are a must.

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