Managed Service Provider for Healthcare Organizations

Are your healthcare organization’s IT resources strained? If your team is focused on managing the IT as opposed to concentrating on objectives, that’s an issue.  


EVERNET supports your healthcare organization’s IT infrastructure as a HIPAA compliant managed service provider (MSP). Our complete managed IT services and support offerings help organize and manage your day-to-day IT tasks, enabling your IT staff to prioritize strategic objectives and positive patient outcomes.

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Transparent Pricing

We give a fully transparent view into costs in our service level agreement (SLA). We offer competitive pricing with no surprises. 


24/7 IT Monitoring

No matter if you’re in a meeting, or working with a client, your systems and data are being monitored at all times. We are looking out for security breaches, and unusual behavior. 

Support and Repair

We’re there for you for any of your IT emergencies. We’ll provide remote or on-site repair for any hardware or software issue. 


Cybersecurity that meets the standards and compliance of any industry. We also provide training to your employees to ensure they’re prepared for threats. 

Concentrate On Care, Not Technology 

As a healthcare organization, continuity of care is essential. You can’t provide the best possible care while worrying about your IT infrastructure, something your business can’t function without. That’s where EVERNET comes in. 

We can handle your technology stack and provide support, network monitoring and management, secure data backup, and computer management. We also develop proactive plans for your IT services. 


    Security & Compliance 

    It’s important to be prepared and proactive when it comes to security in the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations are managing a tremendous amount of data, including protected health information (PHI). We are vigilant when it comes to monitoring your network, testing processes, and learning new best practices to dismantle threats.


      Application & Hardware Management 

      You have invested in technology to improve the quality of care and cost reduction. Not only that, you’re under constant pressure to maintain compliance with regulations. Healthcare is a constantly changing industry where you’re not only dealing with regulations but staffing issues. 

      EVERNET can relieve the pressure of information technology management. Let us be your trusted partner to improve processes and reduce technology costs and better outcomes. 


        Auditing & Compliance 

        EVERNET is constantly auditing and assessing your IT infrastructure. From network scans, and organizational audits, we clearly outline how security issues will impact your organization. Here’s how we audit for compliance and security:

          • Vulnerability Audits  
          • Security Risk Assessments  
          • Breach Responses  
          • Endpoint Protection  
          • Predictive Security  
          • Encryption 
          • Dark Web Monitoring  
          • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery 



            Managed Support

            Support at a fixed price,
            per Month, per computer.
            Project Rate at a Discount.

            $85/per month per computer
            $125/per hour Project Rate
            $20/month Vendor Management Mailbox
            $500 Onboarding Fee for New Clients

            Hourly Support

            Pay as you go or
            pre-purchase Support &
            Project hours at a
            discounted rate.

            Starting at $120/per hour
            $20/month Vendor Management Mailbox
            $500 Onboarding Fee for New Clients

            Global support from a local resource

            We are locally owned and operate in the New England area, so you receive personal service from professionals you can trust. 

            We Know CyberSecurity

            EVERNET delivers industry-leading compliance and threat defense. You can rely on our team to deliver the training and security solutions to best serve your business IT needs.

            Service Excellence

            We provide unmatched IT service, support and project consultation for your business.


            HIPAA Compliant Data Backup & Recovery Solution Providers for Healthcare Providers 


            HIPAA compliant data backup and recovery providers

            Your data and patient’s protected health information is your most crucial asset. For healthcare organizations, they need to adhere to strict guidelines to protect PHI or face serious fines and penalties. We outline the best HIPAA compliant providers to backup and protect your data. 

            Deploy IT Solutions Quicker

            You need to delivery quality patient care. EVERNET enables healthcare organizations to deploy IT solutions focused on your goals and objectives. Whether it’s support for your legacy systems or upgrading to a cloud communication system, we’ll help improve collaboration, processes and resource management. We provide a consultative approach to determine the best systems are best for you in delivering positive outcomes. 


            Modernizing Healthcare

            EVERNET assists in helping your healthcare organization modernize your operations with technology and powerful analytics tools. Not only will you be able to get a real-time view of your technology’s performance, but your organization, as well. Know where your inefficiencies lie, staff to care, or network vulnerabilities.


              guide to data privacy compliance

              Download EVERNET’S Guide to Data Privacy Compliance

              If you’re not taking data privacy seriously, you could be falling out of compliance with data laws and regulations, which means you’re putting your and your customer’s data at risk of a data breach. In this guide, we outline what is data privacy, its importance, and how to be compliant.


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              What Our Clients Say About Us

              ★ ★ ★

              EVERNET’S team is always available and answer our questions promptly. They recently got us on-boarded on a new anti-virus solution and made sure we were comfortable with the dashboard. They’re proactive and are always letting us know what’s happening with our network.

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              Benefits of Using A Managed Service Provider


              Cybersecurity and technology management in healthcare is essential. From regulations, to securing PHI, it could be too much to handle. Here are the benefits of partnering with a managed services provider.

              Frequently Asked Questions

              What is a healthcare managed IT service provider?

              An IT managed service provider (MSP) provides services and support for managing information technology-related matters for healthcare organizations. They assist with network security, data backup, privacy and security, hardware support, among other services. They take on the burden of the management for the organization while being mindful of HIPAA regulations.

              Why should I consider using an MSP for my healthcare organization?

              An MSP is an extension of your organization and will manage IT services and support. They will manage the vendor relationships, processes, and tools. IT is our expertise and focus and our job is to provide reliable IT services and support that allows your organization to focus on positive patient outcomes.

              What are the risks of not using a managed services provider?

              You could be spending more money on training your staff and software because they’re not experts in the field of healthcare IT and its standards. Not outsourcing IT services leads to a higher cost in manpower and infrastructure. A managed IT service provider reduces costs in IT operations while reducing the risk of falling out of compliance and security breaches.

              Are your services HIPAA compliant?

              Yes. We adhere to all HIPAA regulations to ensure your organization meets the standards of HIPAA compliance. We’re happy to sign business associate agreements.

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