Could Your Law Firm Benefit From EVERNET’s Help 
with Amicus Attorney Legal Practice Management Software?

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Manage your law practice not your tech stack. Amicus Attorney is a complete law practice management solution that integrate with the tools you already use. 

Manage your legal calendars from one platform 

Easily manage your legal calendar and share all updates with your team of their case – from start to finish. Automations keep your team focused and on track: 

  • Deadline reminders, and important dates 
  • Your entire team can subscribe to specific calendars and get notified of any changes 
  • Rules engine calculates and schedules critical deadlines 

Powerful document management 

Gone are the days of keeping track of documents in a file or binder and making edits with post-it notes and introducing errors. Access all documents with a few clicks and use the data that matters to your case and clients.  

  • Automate legal documents, accurately and securely 
  • One click viewing a client or calendar triggers automated document generation 

Access Amicus Attorney any time, and anywhere 

Amicus Attorney’s cloud-based option allows you to securely access your documents, calendar, billing, and communications from anywhere. Amicus in the cloud is secure, mobile, and reliable so you can be rest assured you can access your case information at your client’s location or the courthouse. 


For over 15 years EVERNET has been providing their clients with the very best in IT and website-related support for business of any size.

With an amazing team EVERNET is able to holistically help your company through amazing tech support at all levels, with you at every step of the way from computer purchasing, server management, and website design and support.

Feel supported the EVERNET way and join our base of satisfied clients that we work with every day.

Make the Switch with Peace of Mind   

With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the one that best meets your practice’s needs. If you’ve been using another system, you may be concerned about switching to new software. Don’t be. We are here to make sure you get the best for your practice.   


Let EVERNET Support or Migrate for You  

EVERNET’s techs are experts in the integration or migration of Software and its support. Click to schedule a discovery call and let EVERNET worry about this on your behalf. EVERNET can get you on the right path to making sure your practice has the proper security training. You won’t have to worry, and get quick rewards.