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EVERNET’s Help with CasePeer Personal Injury Management Software?

Legal Practice Management Software

I’ve used EVERNET as my managed service provider, for a few years now. They’re always available to answer my questions, no matter how ridiculous they might sound. They are professional and transparent and have helped me with a few disasters. I’ll continue to use their services in the future. 

 I’ve used EVERNET for maintenance and vendor management. It allows me to focus on the strategic areas of my business. They act as our hardware and computer consultants and manage vendor contracts to ensure our hardware is up to date with 24/7 monitoring. Eric’s team at EVERNET is fantastic.  

EVERNET has helped with my IT projects for years. They make sure our hardware is running smoothly and make sure to let me know what needs upgrading. I’m able to able to concentrate on my team and make sure they’re supported. 

The team at EVERNET is always available. Their service is top notch and their maintenance services are robust. They’re able to handle any project size.  

Benefits of Utilizing CasePeer’s Practice Management Software

Take the Legal Practice Management Software Audit to see if your firm could benefit from legal IT solutions provided by CasePeer’s practice management software. Utilizing a web-based matter management software allows you to stay up to date with needed updates and integrate with other web-based management software. Download the Legal PMS Audit below.

Streamline your personal injury case management

Supercharge your firm with case management software designed for the unique needs of personal injury law. From medical treatment tracking to negotiation tools, CASEpeer gives you everything needed to optimize your firm’s case outcomes. 

Improve case outcomes for clients 

Give your clients the outcomes they deserve with the best case management software for personal injury attorneys from CASEpeer. Ditch your spreadsheets for our integrated negotiation tracker and firm-wide settlement reports to maximize the value of every case. 


Track deadlines with integrated calendars and timelines 

Sync CASEpeer to your calendar of choice. Whether you use Google, Outlook, Office 365, or Exchange – we have you covered. Meetings, deadlines, events, and tasks will automatically populate, so you can manage your day effectively. 

Assign tasks and due dates across your firm 

Replace sticky notes and email threads with CASEpeer’s digital task manager. With customizable due dates, priority levels, reminder notifications, and more, you can clearly see your responsibilities, or check on the tasks you’ve assigned to others. 

Secure management of the case and client data 

Clients trust you with their sensitive information, and you entrust it to us. CASEpeer takes this responsibility seriously, with robust security measures layered into our platform infrastructure. Have peace of mind that our backup procedures for data and documents keep your firm’s case files safe.