What is Data Privacy and How EVERNET Can Help Ensure Your Business is Compliant

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Consumers are taking control of their data and working with more business who take data privacy seriously. Are implementing these best practices into your data privacy program? 

Take Inventory of Your Data 

Take stock of all of your servers, devices, and cloud services (SaaS, cloud storage), which collect, store, and transfer data. This is the first step in meeting these data privacy requirements. Be sure to seek out where the risks are; internal and external and implement training to make sure data privacy is adhered to. 

Minimize the Data 

The more data you take in, the more you have to manage. Less is more in this case. If there’s information you don’t need, delete it and don’t collect it. Keeping data longer than necessary opens the door for breaches and penalties if you get lazy with your data privacy measures. 

Safeguard Data 

Don’t just implement one measure for privacy and protection. Develop a series of controls, which include physical, technical, and administrative controls. These guidelines are meant to mitigate risk of privacy breaches, or unauthorized access. 

Dispose of Old Data 

Don’t hoard data. Carry out the proper disposal of physical copies of personal information and protected data. Not only that, but also follow the regulations of how to delete and dispose of the information. Wipe data from hard drives, USB drives, or hard drives prior to removal. Either a reformat or wipe of the hard drive, or physically destroying the drives. 

Be Proactive 

Don’t wait for a breach to happen. Be proactive and have a response, and plan in place so your employees know what to do and how to respond. Assign senior members of each department to be a point of contact and have a process and document detailing the plan to keep operations going. Prioritizing these privacy programs to safeguard your contact’s data is essential. 

Data Privacy is Necessary 

It may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have questions regarding data privacy, and how to implement a data privacy program, EVERNET will help you through the process and provide guidance on each step along the way. 


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