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When looking to purchase an antivirus/EDR software program, it is important to make sure you choose a trusted, well-known provider that continuously works to improve and adapt their software. This is an important factor because you will want an antivirus software program that implements real-time updates to defend against the latest cyber threats.

EVERNET has put together an E-Book of the major pain points surrounding Anti-Virus for businesses and what it entails, download a copy and learn what to expect from EVERNET’s Anti-Virus service.

Antivirus/EDR software offers several very crucial benefits:  

  • Protection from viruses and their transmission  
  • Block spam and ads  
  • Defense against hackers and data thieves  
  • Ensures protection from removable devices  
  • Protects your data and files  
  • Firewall protection from spyware and phishing attacks  
  • Limit the access of websites to enhance web protection  

All of these things are vital for ensuring your network remains secure from a potential threat.  

Go to the next level in cyber security protection with an Endpoint Detection and Recovery program that provides an elite level of security and peace of mind.  The following are what you can expect from our top quality EDR software program: 

Better Data Monitoring and Management  

EDR solutions are designed so that they can collect and monitor data on each of the endpoints on a network. They collect and monitor data about potential cybersecurity threats to the network. The stored data can be further analyzed for determining the root cause of any security issues and also for detecting any potential cyber threat.  

Better and Real-Time Incident Response and Management  

EDR solutions are very effective in collecting continuous information on malware and other types of potential cyber threats to the network. This data is stored on the network endpoints which helps in preparing incident response and management strategies.  

In certain cases, specific cyber threats can be identified in the initial phases as they are developing in the network environments. You can design appropriate incident management responses in these early stages itself which can help to eliminate the threat immediately before it becomes a full-fledged threat to your network.  

The data and evidence collected by the EDR tools also help minimize the time needed to investigate and time needed to prepare incident responses and management.  

Powerful Inbuilt Data Analytics  

EDR solutions come with powerful inbuilt data analytics. These analytical tools help identify cybersecurity threats to your network in the early phases of its development. They also allow you to deal with them quickly and efficiently. This also helps minimize the risk of false positives.   

Compatibility and Integration with Other Security Tools  

Another advantage of using EDR software is their versatility and compatibility. These programs are compatible with and integrate seamlessly with other security tools. This helps build overall better protection for your network.  


Observing Endpoints Without Interfering  

Endpoints on an EDR software program play a very important role. They help to identify potential cyber threats and issues and allow for preparing an appropriate incident response.  

Burdening the endpoint with heavy client software is not recommended. It is the endpoint that is responsible for detection and response processes. Good EDR solutions use less space and have minimal footprints on the endpoints. They facilitate continuous observation and monitoring of the endpoints without interfering with their functionalities.  


Suitable for Large Scale Networks  

Companies can have thousands of endpoints on their networks. Such a large-scale network makes it more vulnerable to cyber-attacks as it can be breached from multiple points.  

EDR solutions are specifically designed to meet the requirements of such large networks. They can easily collect and monitor data continuously on all these endpoints due to their design.  


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