Why Does My Business Need IT Maintenance and What Is It?
Learn How EVERNET Can Manage Your IT Maintenance

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What is IT maintenance and why is it critical to your business? 

IT maintenance and support are essential to your business. Your IT infrastructure keeps your systems running. You need to know if your systems are functioning and running optimally, and if something goes wrong, you have someone to contact to get any issues fixed immediately. 

For some industries, having an effective IT maintenance and security program in place is a requirement, especially in the financial, healthcare, and public sectors. Those who practice law are also required to make sure all data and networks are secure. 

Download this guide to IT maintenance and learn how EVERNET outlines several areas of your business which could be impacted by IT issues. 

Account Review 

We review open tickets to see if there are any open issues and where there may be roadblocks. We take an in-depth look at how our business relationship has been and identify any improvements. For any on-going projects, we provide progress updates and timeline for completion. 


Business Tools 

We check in to ensure your equipment is up to date and connected properly to your network securely. During this time, we review your entire system to make sure all hardware is properly maintained. We also provide suggestions on other hardware, like printers, scanners, computers, or any other hardware that needs added. Lastly, we’ll evaluate your business needs when it comes to software, especially client management. 

Security Essentials 

Having a business-class backup solution configured to meet your needs is essential in any IT infrastructure. We’ll also make sure a business-class anti-virus product is installed, as well. External threats are higher than ever and it’s important that these programs are capable of handling the size of your network. Finally, we’ll make sure your inbox is free from spoofing and phishing attacks. 

Websites and Marketing 

We help with managing your domains and website security to avoid theft or scams. We’ll also help with the management and updating of your content management systems (CMS). Leaving your CMS on outdated templates makes your website vulnerable to attack. In addition to website backups, we’ll also help you get found online with digital marketing tactics, such as content marketing, SEO, and email marketing. 

Business Alignment 

IT and business alignment will improve collaboration between departments and ensures alignment with company goals. Communication is essential and examining the roles of everyone to see where they could be more integrated will only help further company success. 

Learn the threats to your business and learn how EVERNET maintains your business systems. Once you’ve downloaded the guide, let’s schedule a discovery call to see how we can help with your IT maintenance and close any gaps. 


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Make the Switch with Peace of Mind   

With so many Backup and recovery software options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the one that best meets your practice’s needs. If you’ve been using another Backup and recovery system, you may be concerned about switching to new software. Don’t be. We are here to make sure you get the best for your practice.   


Let EVERNET Support or Migrate for You  

EVERNET’s techs are experts in the integration or migration of Backup and Recovery Software and its support. Click to schedule a discovery call and let EVERNET worry about this on your behalf. EVERNET can get you on the right path to making sure your practice has the proper security training. You won’t have to worry, and get quick rewards.