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The Essentials of a Good Law Practice Management Software Solution 

Is your law firm still using spreadsheets or legal pads to manage the day-to-day activities? Are you mailing out invoices and waiting on payments? Legal practice management software (LPMS) allows you to manage all aspects of your firm and clients’ cases. It’s important to find an end-to-end solution that simplifies processes, automates documentation, allows for collaboration, and invoices clients. 

If you’re considering migrating over to an LPMS, here are the essential features: 

Automated client intake 

Client intake is essential to your firm’s revenue stream, no matter the size of the firm. An essential feature of an LPMS solution is a smart automated intake document feature. These should integrate onto your website and once a new contact fills out the form, it’ll create the new account in your system. Once these forms are submitted, create automated workflows that alert the relevant person in your firm to reach out to the prospective client. 

Secure client portal 

Once you have acquired new clients, it’s important that they’re comfortable communicating in a secure environment. An LPMS should offer high-end encryption with their communication methods – at least 256-bit. 256-bit encryption is the same level of encryption used by financial institutions. A secure portal allows you and your client to send secure emails and texts to share files and documents, and communicate key dates and deadlines. 

CRM feature 

A customer relationship management (CRM) feature is your database for all your contacts – customers and prospects. With this feature, you’ll be able to manage all contact information, make updates, and manage all activity. Grow and manage your relationships and retain more clients. 

Billing and Payment 

A strong LPMS platform should be able to create and send invoices. Templates according to your firm’s type should be available: 

  • Estate planning 
  • Family law 
  • Personal injury 

Whether you’re working on retainer, or billing hourly, create and store multiple invoices and batch send to your clients. Collect payments online with built-in payment processing, so you should be able to take credit cards, and eChecks securely. 


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