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I’ve used EVERNET as my managed service provider, for a few years now. They’re always available to answer my questions, no matter how ridiculous they might sound. They are professional and transparent and have helped me with a few disasters. I’ll continue to use their services in the future. 

 I’ve used EVERNET for maintenance and vendor management. It allows me to focus on the strategic areas of my business. They act as our hardware and computer consultants and manage vendor contracts to ensure our hardware is up to date with 24/7 monitoring. Eric’s team at EVERNET is fantastic.  

EVERNET has helped with my IT projects for years. They make sure our hardware is running smoothly and make sure to let me know what needs upgrading. I’m able to able to concentrate on my team and make sure they’re supported. 

The team at EVERNET is always available. Their service is top notch and their maintenance services are robust. They’re able to handle any project size.  

RingCentral is a leading hosted telephony VoIP Provider

 Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve witnessed a massive shift toward remote and hybrid work. As a company, how do you ensure remote productivity? How do you keep your employees engaged? RingCentral is a key solution if you’re looking for an intuitive chat, message, voice, and video solution for your business. EVERNET sells, installs, and supports RingCentral. 


Features to Help you Scale your Business

Leading a productive team means providing powerful tools for operations. RingCentral has some enticing features that will make communication within your business seamless.  

  • Task Management  
  • Auto replies for missed calls  
  • Team Messaging  
  • HD Audio and Video  
  • Secure Business Phone System  

Implementation of RingCentral Business Phone System

Proper implementation of the business phone system is a sure way to succeed. That’s where we at EVERNET come in! Depending on your business needs, here is how we will help you. 

  • Consult you on how to procure and purchase the right plan,  
  • Configuration and number porting of the phone systems, 
  • Adding, Changing, and Removing users management, 
  • Integrate with your existing system,  
  • Third-party integration into CRM or Practice Management Software. 

Utilize RingCentral for your business and potentially save money while securing your phone system. To help you with your research, we have put together a list of all the factors you ought to consider before selecting a VoIP provider.