Could Your Law Firm Benefit From EVERNET’s Help with Zola Suite Practice Management Software?

Take the Legal Practice Management Software Audit to see if your firm could benefit from practice management solutions provided by Zola Suite. Utilizing a web-based practice management software allows you to stay up to date on your entire caseload whether you’re in the office, at home, or in the courtroom.

Manage and Track Matters from Start to Finish

Zola Suite is a powerful practice management application that enables law firms to manage and track every aspect of a legal case from client intake to matter reporting in a single dashboard.

Zola Suite’s CRM and intake management allow you to easily manage your pipeline. Once leads are converted to clients, utilize Zola’s robust email, task, calendar, document management and automation, and client portal capabilities to enhance organization and efficiency.  

Firms can maximize profitability with Zola’s advanced time tracking, billing, accounting and reporting tools to deliver a single source of truth for data-driven firms. 

Other features include tagging, sorting, filtering and creation of sub-tasks. Zola’s integrated, matter-centered calendaring system supports automatic billing of case-related events, recurrence and a Smart Suggest mechanism for invites.

EVERNET Reviews Zola Suite

EVERNET CEO Eric Buhrendorf reviews Zola Suite with Fred Cohen, Chief Legal Strategy Officer at Zola Suite. Watch the video above to find out more infomation on the Matter Management Software.


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