A Managed IT Services Provider Accounting Firms Can Count On

With EVERNET’s managed IT services focused on your accounting firm, you’ll never worry about your security or IT needs.


We allow you to focus on your clients while we focus on the technology and compliance of your firm’s software, and data.



Any time we’ve submitted a ticket or needed support for our firm, I’m always impressed at the responsiveness of the EVERNET team. They are professionals and have always gone above and beyond to resolve our issues.

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Transparent Pricing

We give a fully transparent view into costs in our service level agreement (SLA). We offer competitive pricing with no surprises. 


24/7 IT Monitoring

No matter if you’re in a meeting, or working with a client, your systems and data are being monitored at all times. We are looking out for security breaches, and unusual behavior. 

Support and Repair

We’re there for you for any of your IT emergencies. We’ll provide remote or on-site repair for any hardware or software issue. 


Cybersecurity that meets the standards and compliance of any industry. We also provide training to your employees to ensure they’re prepared for threats. 

Future-proof your accounting firm’s technology with a managed service provider who is focused on the accounting industry.   

A managed service provider brings technology expertise to your firm. From software consultations and cloud-based technology to mitigating security threats. We allow you to focus on your clients for operational efficiency. Our IT support provides training and support for your systems, allowing you to get the most out of your technology spending. 



    Managed Support

    Support at a fixed price,
    per Month, per computer.
    Project Rate at a Discount.

    $85/per month per computer
    $125/per hour Project Rate
    $20/month Vendor Management Mailbox
    $500 Onboarding Fee for New Clients

    Hourly Support

    Pay as you go or
    pre-purchase Support &
    Project hours at a
    discounted rate.

    Starting at $120/per hour
    $20/month Vendor Management Mailbox
    $500 Onboarding Fee for New Clients

    Global support from a local resource

    We are locally owned and operate in the New England area, so you receive personal service from professionals you can trust. 

    We Know CyberSecurity

    EVERNET delivers industry-leading compliance and threat defense. You can rely on our team to deliver the training and security solutions to best serve your business IT needs.

    Service Excellence

    We provide unmatched IT service, support and project consultation for your business.

    Manage Your Firm, Not the Technology

    You have a portfolio of clients who rely on your services year-round and “Tax Season” isn’t your only busy time. Don’t let your information technology interrupt the service you provide. We can help automate tasks, audit your current technology and provide recommendations on accounting software so that you’re able to work more efficiently, and securely in practice management.  

    We focus on technology, so you can focus on your clients. 



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      Is your current phone system outdated? Are you managing a remote accounting team? It might be time to consider upgrading your accounting firm’s phone system. We outline the top VoIP providers and how they can help improve your firm’s communications. 

      What Our Clients Say About Us

      ★ ★ ★

      “EVERNET’s response time is instant. I submitted a ticket for accidental file deletion, and their support technician responded within seconds as if he was part of my staff. My file was restored in real-time while I was on the phone with him and I was on my way.”

      Robert Hensley & Associates, LLC

      Benefits of Using A Managed Service Provider


      Learn the 5 benefits of managed IT provider.

      Technology Experts Focused On Your Success

      A managed IT support provider that focuses on accounting firms is focused on your success and knows the ins and outs of the industry. We get to know the intricacies of your firm and your specific needs. EVERNET is able to keep your firm’s technology infrastructure compliant with the latest data privacy and security regulations and we offer cloud solutions that reduce your time in managing outdated technology.  

      We also provide network monitoring and anti-virus protection which keeps your data secure. The sensitive data your clients trust you with. Our proactive IT solutions and support keep your firm running in optimal conditions, reducing the number of incidents while increasing your firm’s efficiency and success. 



        Data Backup & Disaster Recovery
        Solutions For Accounting Firms 


        the top data backup and recovery providers

        No matter the size of your accounting firm, your data and your client’s data is sensitive and contains information hackers want. Accounting firms are subject to confidentiality and privacy regulations when it comes to protection. Finding a data backup solution is essential, so that’s why we’ve highlighted the top data backup and recovery solution providers for accounting firms. 

        A Trusted Partner For Your Accounting Firm


        Our clients don’t think of us as just a vendor. They consider us an extension of their firm and part of their team. We partner with your firm and will work jointly to ensure your firm’s IT needs and expectations are exceeded, no matter the time or day. We want to make sure you have the knowledge and transparency in your technology.

        Download EVERNET’s Guide to IT Maintenance

        IT maintenance is becoming a critical function of business. The infrastructure of your technology is what keeps your business running. Do you have an IT maintenance plan in place? This guide illustrates the importance of IT maintenance and the importance of having a plan in place.


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        Frequently Asked Questions

        How Does an Accounting Firm Benefit from a Managed Service Provider?

        An accounting firm that utilizes a managed service provider support services enables firms of all sizes access to technology experts. They managed the firm’s IT infrastructure and support – from computer purchase consultations to security, and network monitoring 24 hours a day. They also manage your hardware and software, allowing you to focus on your clients. 

        How Will a Managed Service Provider Keep My Firm Secure?

        A Managed Service Provider understands the regulations surrounding the safety and security of data. Security threats are constantly evolving, and they use best practices and the latest tools and software to keep data safe. Cloud transmissions use the latest encryption methods so they remain secure.

        Does a Managed Service Provider Just Monitor My Network?

        That’s just one of many services a managed service provider has available. A managed service provider also provides data backup and recovery, anti-virus/malware, vendor management, and website/marketing services, among other services.

        What happens if something happens off hours?

        A managed service provider is available 24/7/365, no matter if your firm is 9-5. Cyber threats don’t take breaks on weekends, and your computers won’t wait till after the holidays to crash. An MSP provides around-the-clock IT support and helps your firm stay on budget.

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        We are technology obsessed and that translates to how serve our clients. It’s no coincidence that we’ve been in business for over 15 years. We are determined to provide the best possible IT support for firms of any size. We’re help your firm with tech support and are with you every step whether it’s buying new devices, server management, website designs, cybersecurity, and so much more. Let’s connect and see how we can help with your accounting firm’s IT needs.