Support Plan Options

* Every Client must have an Active Support Plan so we know how to bill for Labor, Products, and Services.

Co/Managed Support
Whether you offload all IT Support needs on EVERNET or you opt for EVERNET to fit into an existing IT Support team, your rate for support is the same!

A Managed Support plan includes Support labor, and bills Project labor hourly. Products and Services are billed separately.

Managed and Co-Managed plans are $85 per month per user or computer (total 1 computer per user and all servers. Do not count mobile devices or tablets – they are included)

Standard Hourly Support
With EVERNET’s Standard Hourly Support Plan all support hours are purchased at the same rate, $150 per hour.

An Hourly Support plan bills Support and Project labor at the same rate. Products and Services are billed separately.

Standard support role rates apply:

Role NameRole Hourly Billing Rate
Senior Business Consultant$175.00
Business Consultant$150.00
Project Manager$125.00
Technician Level 3$150.00
Technician Level 2$135.00
Technician Level 1$125.00
Web Developer$125.00
Marketing Associate$125.00
Sales & Administration$0.00
Pre-paid (Block) Hourly Support

With EVERNET’s Pre-paid (Block) Hourly Support Plan, all support hours are purchased in advance at $120 per hour.

Your purchase buys an amount of (Block) Hours and every role consumes the hour according to the Block Hour Multiplier.

Role NamePre-paid Purchase HourBlock Hour MuliplierEffecive Role Hourly Billing RateStandard Hourly Rate for Overage
Senior Business Consultant$120.001.4$168.00$175.00
Business Consultant$120.001.00$120.00$150.00
Project Manager$120.001.00$120.00$125.00
Technician Level 3$120.001.00$120.00$150.00
Technician Level 2$120.001.00$120.00$135.00
Technician Level 1$120.001.00$120.00$125.00
Web Developer$120.001.00$120.00$125.00
Marketing Associate$120.001.00$120.00$125.00
Sales & Administration$0.000.00$0.00$0.00

When no more Block Hours are available, the Standard Hourly Rate for Overage applies (see Standard Hourly Support).

This plan bills Support and Project labor the same.