Download The Guide to Corporate Data Backup And Disaster Recovery


Learn Why A Corporate Data Backup and Recovery Plan is Essential For Today’s Businesses


Corporate data backup and recovery are two separate entities but are closely intertwined and should be considered together. Data backup should be at the top of the list whencorporate data backup it comes to priorities. They keep your corporate data safe in the event of a disaster, plus, it keeps your company compliant with the ever-changing landscape of data regulations. 

Data backup and recovery used to be an IT responsibility, but now it doesn’t have to be. There are providers that host your data off-site with cloud backups, and data stored is  off-site on servers all over to prevent any data loss. A data backup solution is the first step, but having a recovery plan is essential as well. Data backup and recovery should work hand-in-hand.  

In this guide to corporate data backup and recovery plans, you’ll learn: 

  • What is a corporate data backup and disaster plan 
  • The three types of data backups 
  • Why you need a corporate data backup and recovery plan 
  • Legal and ethical reasons 

 These practices are vital for your business and will keep your data protected. Downloaded EVERNET’s Guide to Corporate Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans. 


EVERNET helped develop a plan for backing up all of our corporate data, as well as contact data. They were there every step of the way and they are constantly providing updates on our data and protection. Their service is impeccable and they answer our call every single time. I can rest easy knowing all of our data is safe and I can concentrate on running the business.


I accidentally deleted an entire folder of documents, but I didn’t panic because I knew EVERNET had everything backed up. I called up one of their experts and told them what happened and which folder was deleted. Within seconds, my data was restored. EVERNET’s support is the best in the business.



Since we’re in the healthcare field, it needs to be HIPAA compliant. Their plan reflected the steps they take to ensure HIPAA compliance, so I don’t need to worry about fines or penalties for being out of compliance. I love that I’m in control of the data and who has access to which files and who is authorized to view certain information. I highly recommend EVERNET’s experts.  



I’d never in my wildest dreams think a data recovery emergency could be so smooth. We had a server crash, and EVERNET’s experts were there to help with the recovery. The image was constantly backed up and we didn’t lose a thing. Utilizing EVERNET’s corporate data backup and recovery services is probably the best money I spend on my business. Thanks, EVERNET!!!


Data powers organizations and provides a competitive advantage. That’s why backup and recovery is important. With a quality backup and recovery strategy in place, your organization can:  


  • Prevent data loss  
  • Help with the continuation of operations in case of a disaster 
  • Increase employee productivity 
  • Satisfy auditors 
  • Give your organization Peace of mind  



Data backups are also a requirement for many US and international data protection laws. For IT professionals working in healthcare environments, HIPAA compliant backup and disaster recovery solutions and services are required to ensure security, confidentiality, and availability of medical data. Failure to comply with these laws can result in significant fines.