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Cyber-attacks come in all forms and it doesn’t matter the size of your business. Cybercrime is becoming almost a daily part of life. Over 50% of small and medium businesses have encountered some sort of attack and have been victims of these crimes. If the department of defense (DOD) can get hacked, any business can be a victim.

A virus or malware can find its way onto your system without you even knowing. So, how do you prevent these attacks? Be proactive and protect yourself against these threats.

guide to cybersecurity essentials

Download our Cybersecurity Essentials for Business Owners. In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Types of security threats
  • Proactive threat detection and response
  • Data security
  • Information security and system controls



The best protection against cyber-attacks is knowledge. Learn the threats and see how vulnerable you are to those threats. Download this guide today!

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EVERNET provided a vulnerability analysis and assessment of our network and helped us implement security measures. Not only were they detailed, but cost-effective. They are a fantastic cybersecurity service provider.


We’ve trusted EVERNET as our managed security services provider and they recently implemented a data security solution. We’re in the financial services industry, so data protection is vital. I’m very pleased with their level of detail and expertise.


EVERNET’s incident response is second to none. They let us know of any issues before we were aware anything was wrong. We’re more than pleased with their level of support.


I have been a very satisfied EVERNET customer for more than 10 years. Thanks to the great people at EVERNET, I have had extremely efficient, reliable, and secure computer and email systems. The service and tech support are always incredible. I highly recommend EVERNET to any business owner.


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At EVERNET we take security very seriously. We offer a variety of cybersecurity services that include network security monitoring, vulnerability management, anti-virus/malware protection, and endpoint detection.

Learning from actual attacks leads to better defense. Your defense against cyber threats should be built on successful best practices in threat prevention.

Your business should focus on controls that mitigate risk and protect you as a whole from cyber threats.

Businesses continue to deprioritize protection. This creates an adverse situation when attacks happen and there’s no plan in place. They may not know how to react, or what steps to take when systems are compromised.

Threats aren’t limited to local networks and are happening in the cloud. Email also remains a popular method as over 90% of attacks are initiated through email.

This guide to cybersecurity threats and the essentials for protection is your checklist and the first steps to securing your company’s networks. After reading this guide and you’re in need of more help, give us a call. Let’s schedule a discovery call to see if it makes sense to partner together.