Download EVERNET’S Guide to Data Privacy Compliance

A Guide to What Data Privacy Is and How To Be Compliant in Today’s Workforce



Consumers are taking control of their data and working with more businesses that take data privacy seriously. Are you implementing these best practices into your data privacy program?  

If you’re not taking data privacy seriously, you could be falling out of compliance with data laws and regulations, which means you’re putting your and your customer’s data at risk of a data breach. It’s time to take data privacy seriously for the protection of your business, and most importantly, your customers.


In this guide, we outline data privacy and its importance and how to be compliant. You’ll learn: guide to data privacy compliance

  • What is Data Privacy Compliance 
  • Who is Responsible for Data Privacy
  • Data Privacy Laws 
  • Data Privacy in Website Design 
  • Data Privacy in Cybersecurity 
  • Protecting Your Client’s Personal Information 



Data privacy and protection regulations are coming and it’s time to get compliant now or face the fines and penalties of non-compliance. Download this guide today and get on the road to compliance today. 

EVERNET has helped with us our IT support. They’ve been able to handle all of our requests and are proactive in letting us know of any trends and issues. They noticed some holes in our security and they helped secure our network and data even more. 


We have learned a lot about our data security from EVERNET. They have implemented new data security measures to make sure all personal information was encrypted. The team at EVERNET is top notch. 


I had an issue with a phishing email and submitted a ticket. I was more than happy with the response and they took care of my issue and provided some tips and suggestions. EVERNET goes above and beyond in its IT support.


When it comes to cybersecurity, they are second to none. They provided consultation on updating how we process personal data to be in compliance with data laws and regulations. I feel better knowing our company is in good hands with the EVERNET’s IT support team. 

Jim Mancini

When you take a privacy-driven approach to your data, you’re acting as a differentiator between you and your competitors. You’re establishing trust with your customers that you take data privacy seriously. Ensure there is awareness of data privacy within your company and that every employee is vigilant. It’s not just a leadership issue.

Tak advantage of the free tools, but make sure to work with data privacy professionals that have access to advanced tools which can mitigate any vulnerabilities.

Don’t think you’re immune to hackers or attacks just because you’re not a Fortune 100 company, or just went public with an IPO. That type of thinking is what opens you up for attacks. Cyber attacks impact businesses of all sizes.

We’ve built a complete data privacy solution at EVERNET. Donwload this guide to data privacy today and build the foundation to privacy.