Download EVERNET’s Guide to Enterprise Patch Management Best Practices

Learn why patch management is an important security practice for your business and the patch management best practices

Patch management has become a crucial function when it comes to an organization’s network. An effective patch management system allows for the downloading of all relevant patches and for these patches to be prioritized in advance of execution. A patch management system can also intelligently predict any potential problems that might occur.  

In this guide to enterprise patch management best practices, you’ll learn:

download the guide to enterprise patch management

  • What is Patch Management and Why It’s Important 
  • Using Patch Management to Battle Cyber Attacks 
  • Why You Need a Patch Management Solution and Best Practices 
  • Legal and Ethical Obligations




Patch management helps your business cover up vulnerabilities in your software and develops a process of distributing and applying updates and patches to your software. 

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Patch management is another tool in the fight against cyber attacks. Over the last several years, the rise of cyber-attacks has made patch management crucial, as these hackers are exploiting vulnerabilities in software. 

Did you know the average cost of a data breach is $149,000? Being open to security vulnerabilities for any period of time opens your company to risk and significant financial loss and productivity. Keep an eye out for your vendor’s patch announcements. 

A patch management process closes loops and helps with software updates, and regular patching, and sets up notifications when software patches are released. Assess the risk level of your company and implement a patch management strategy and process. 

When you implement patch management, you’re on the front lines and take a proactive approach to act fast to maintain your company’s network security and data. Patch management is becoming an essential piece of the overall cybersecurity puzzle.