How To Choose the Right Anti-Virus Software for Your Business

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If any of your business’s number of devices are connected to the Internet you need some sort of anti-virus protection. An anti-virus software solution is an essential component of cybersecurity and one of the first lines of defense against attacks. It scans, detects, and deletes viruses from your system without you ever knowing it was there. They’ll run in the background, silent, but offers protection in real-time against virus attacks.

It is estimated that 60,000 new viruses and malware are created daily. An unprotected computer will typically become infected within minutes. If your computer becomes infected, you run the risk of infecting other computers on your network.

With so many anti-virus software solutions for businesses available, how do you choose an anti-virus software program? Where do you start?

how to choose anti-virus software for your business

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Why you need anti-virus software
  • What is End Point Detection and Response Software
  • How EDR solutions respond to threats
  • Legal and ethical compulsions
  •  How to choose the right anti-virus software and EDR solution



Most business activities are now conducted online, and new threats are emerging daily. It’s more important than ever to install protective anti-virus software for your business. Download this guide today. 

EVERNET helped us with malware and pop-up prevention. Their endpoint detection recommendation has done wonders for us and has prevented several attacks.

Laura B.

EVERNET is committed to protecting your business. They’ve helped us with password management and recommended anti-malware software that has stopped quite a few threats. 

John C.

We recently reached out to EVERNET to help us with device management. We have several remote workers and needed to protect a number of devices. They recommended a security suite that has us covered for all operating systems. 

Alan M.

EVERNET is more like a partner and made sure we had all of the information when choosing the right antivirus program. They helped with the installation and the process was a breeze.

Kim R.

Better Data Security and Management With Anti-Virus and Endpoint Detection Software Solutions

EndPoint Protection, Detection & Response software is a cybersecurity technology that continually monitors an “endpoint” like a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop to mitigate malicious cyber threats.

EDR solutions are designed so that they can collect and monitor data on each of the endpoints on a network. They collect and monitor data about potential cybersecurity threats to the network. The stored data can be further analyzed for determining the root cause of any security issues and also for detecting any potential cyber threat.

Antivirus/EDR software prevents viruses through email protection, and spam ads, and ensures protection from mobile devices. Here are just a few of the threats and benefits:

  • Protection from viruses and their transmission  
  • Block spam and ads  
  • Defense against hackers and data thieves  
  • Ensures protection from removable devices  
  • Protects your data and files  
  • Firewall protection from spyware and phishing attacks  
  • Limits access websites to enhance web protection  

All of these things are vital for ensuring your network remains secure from a potential threat.  

Go to the next level in cyber security protection with anti-virus and endpoint detection software solutions that provide an elite level of security and peace of mind. If you have any questions on how to choose a solution, schedule a discovery call with us today!