Abacus Law

What is AbacusLaw?

AbacusLaw is a legal practice management software designed for law firms of all sizes. It provides a range of features, including case management, time and billing management, document management, email, and task management, all in a single platform.

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Software Features

Empower Your Law Practice with AbacusLaw

Feature-packed law practice management software with AbacusLaw. The purpose-built solution developed for law firms. 

Simple Case Management

Case intake captures client information and starts workflows with legal forms and automated tasks, including reminders, follow-up events, and messages.  Develop workflows and reports to monitor case status, the chronology of events, and deadlines. Even set up alerts specific to your case and its upcoming tasks. 

Manage Day-to-Day

With AbacusLaw, there is no need to search through legal pads, notepads, or spreadsheets. All of the information is available at a glance in an easy-to-digest dashboard. Never miss any important dates. 

Maximize Billing

Maximize your billable hours. Easily track and bill every phone call, email, and client interaction in AbacusLaw using the mobile app or Outlook integration to capture all billable moments with your clients. The professional settlement statements give a transparent look into all billable activities which will satisfy your clients. 

Manage Finances

No need to manage the finances of your firm on another platform. AbacusLaw makes it simple with its built-in accounting tools. Generate reports for all of your clients with just a few clicks. 

Payment Processing

Get paid quicker with AbacusLaw’s integrated payment options. With Abacus Payment Exchange (APX), you can process and accept payments of all types: 

  • Credit cards 
  • ACH 
  • Trust and operating accounts 

APX is PCI compliant and secures and encrypts all billing data. 

Legal Practice Management Software

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Legal practice management software can help ensure compliance with ethical and regulatory requirements by providing tools for tracking time, managing client trust accounts, and maintaining accurate records. This can help law firms avoid potential legal issues and maintain high professionalism.