What is Clio?

Clio is a cloud-based legal practice management software designed to help law firms and legal professionals manage their daily tasks and operations more efficiently. It provides a range of features, including case management, document management, time and billing management, client intake, calendaring, and more.

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Software Features

Features of Clio’s Matter Management Software

Get an overview of all case information from a single dashboard with the best case management software. Link every contact, document, calendar event, note, time entry, and bill to the appropriate case to make your law practice management tasks flow as smoothly as possible. Work on your cases from a computer or mobile app. Improve your workflow and minimize the time spent doing menial tasks so you can focus on those that count for your law practice. 

Reduce Redundant Tasks

Use our case management software for lawyers to manage documents, bill, track time, and more: Get it all done faster and with less risk of error, and focus on the tasks most important to your legal practice. 

Access Every Case Detail from Anywhere

Log in to your online legal case management software tools to access documents, bills, client contact info, and more from any computer with an internet connection—or download our mobile app. 

Add Case Information from Existing Software

Log emails, file legal documents, and sync case details to Clio from over 200 other apps and software including Outlook, GSuite, and Dropbox. Benefit from full integration for increased flexibility and more fluid processing of legal cases. 

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Legal Practice Management Software

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Legal practice management software can help ensure compliance with ethical and regulatory requirements by providing tools for tracking time, managing client trust accounts, and maintaining accurate records. This can help law firms avoid potential legal issues and maintain high professionalism.