What is CodeTwo?

CodeTwo is a software company that develops various email signature management, migration, backup, and management solutions for Microsoft 365, Exchange, and G Suite environments. The company’s products are designed to help businesses and organizations manage email communication more effectively, with features like centralized email signature management, email backup and archiving, and email migration between different platforms.

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 Software Features

Email Signature Management

Create and manage professional email signatures with customizable templates, dynamic fields, and compliance features using this feature.

Email Backup and Archiving

Email backup and archiving solutions automate backup and archiving for on-premises or cloud-based storage, protecting email data from loss.

Email Migration

With this feature, this feature easily migrates email, contacts, calendars, and other data between different platforms, including Microsoft 365, Exchange, and G Suite.

Email Rules and Filters

Create customized email rules and filters, with options for auto-replies, auto-forwarding, and more, and email filters for streamlined management.

Email Analytics and Reporting

Track and analyze email usage, performance, and trends with advanced analytics and reporting features, including customizable dashboards and reports.

Email Compliance and Governance

Comply with regulations and corporate policies using email compliance and governance solutions, including retention, eDiscovery, and audit trails.

Email Flow Management

Manage email traffic with email flow management solutions, including automatic responses, filtering rules, and distribution lists.

Email Autoresponder

Set up automated email responses for incoming messages using customizable templates and rules with email autoresponder solutions.