Google Password Manager

What is Google

Password Manager?

Google Password Manager is a built-in feature of the Google Chrome web browser and Google Accounts that allows users to save, autofill, and manage their passwords across different devices and platforms.

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Software Features

Password Management

Google Password Manager securely stores and manages all of your passwords, making it easy to access them from anywhere.


Google Password Manager can automatically fill in forms with your personal information, saving you time and hassle.

Password Generator

Google Password Manager can generate strong, unique passwords for all of your accounts, ensuring that your online accounts are secure.

Security Alerts

Google Password Manager will alert you if any of your passwords have been compromised or if any of your online accounts are at risk.

Two-Factor Authentication

The Password Manager supports two-factor authentication, adding an extra layer of security to your accounts.

Cross-device Syncing

The Password Manager syncs your saved passwords across all your devices, making it easy to access them from anywhere.

Import and Export Passwords

The Password Manager allows you to import and export passwords from other password managers or export them for backup purposes.

Password Checkup

Google Password Manager’s Password Checkup feature checks your saved passwords against a list of known compromised passwords and alerts you if any of your passwords are weak or have been compromised.

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