What is MyCase?

MyCase is a cloud-based legal practice management software designed for law firms of all sizes. It provides a range of features, including case management, time and billing management, document management, client communication tools, and more, all accessible from a single platform.

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Software Features

Case Management

MyCase allows lawyers to manage their cases by tracking deadlines, appointments, and tasks. It also allows them to view case-related documents and communicate with clients.

Client Management

The software allows lawyers to manage their clients’ information, including contact details, notes, and case history. It also allows them to communicate with clients and send them messages securely.

Document Management

MyCase provides a central repository for storing documents related to cases, clients, and matters. It allows lawyers to organize and categorize documents, search for them using keywords, and share them with clients or other team members.

Time Tracking

The software allows lawyers to track time spent on a case, assign billing rates to tasks, and generate invoices based on time entries.

Billing and Invoicing

MyCase provides a billing and invoicing system that allows lawyers to generate and send invoices to clients. It also allows them to accept online payments and track payment history.

Calendar Management

The software provides a calendar system that allows lawyers to schedule appointments, set reminders, and view deadlines related to cases and tasks.

Mobile App

MyCase has a mobile app that allows lawyers to access their case and client information, track time, and communicate with clients on the go.


The software provides a reporting system that allows lawyers to generate reports on time entries, invoices, and payments. It also provides insights into the firm’s performance and productivity.

Legal Practice Management Software

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Legal practice management software can help ensure compliance with ethical and regulatory requirements by providing tools for tracking time, managing client trust accounts, and maintaining accurate records. This can help law firms avoid potential legal issues and maintain high professionalism.