Needles Neos

What is Needles Neos?

Needles Neos is a cloud-based legal practice management software designed for personal injury law firms. It provides a range of features, including case management, document management, time and billing management, and client communication tools, all in a single platform.

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Software Features

Customize Workflows

From your intake documents to case templates, and your reports, Needles gives you the ability to customize your workflows to support your firm’s processes. Workflows fill in intake forms from all of your sources, eliminating manual work. 

Simple Communication

No need to keep track of all your communication records from multiple channels and sources. You can call, email, and text directly from the Needles platform. Enjoy secure and encrypted communications that hold up in court. 

Organize Your Firm

Using Needles’ customized dashboards and reports provides a 360-degree view of your caseload and firm’s health. Keep track of all your clients’ cases while also managing your potential client pipeline. Everything is available to you with just a few clicks of your mouse. 

A Decade of Great Outcomes

Law firms have trusted Needles as their law practice management software of choice. Spend less on IT to focus on your clients and provide them with the best possible outcomes. Needles were developed by lawyers for lawyers to handle even the most complex of cases. 

Needles Optimizes Daily tasks & Processes

Finish cases faster and desired outcomes with automated tools that eliminate the busy and administrative work with computerized checklists and workflows. Free up more time to concentrate on your case. Less time on daily tasks is more time focused on winning your cases. 

Legal Practice Management Software

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Legal practice management software can help ensure compliance with ethical and regulatory requirements by providing tools for tracking time, managing client trust accounts, and maintaining accurate records. This can help law firms avoid potential legal issues and maintain high professionalism.