What is Soluno?

Soluno is a cloud-based legal practice management software designed for law firms of all sizes. It provides a range of features, including case management, time and billing management, document management, and client communication tools, all in a single platform.

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Software Features

Efficient Billing

No need to print and mail out invoices and wait on payment. Soluno is feature-rich and customizable to your firm’s needs and processes. 

  • Soluno supports flat-fee, task-based, or time-based billing 
  • Track billable and non-billable hours 
  • The mass billing filter allows you to exclude files not ready for final billing 
  • Professional and simple-to-read invoices 

Compliant with Tax Regulations

  • Tracks tax portions so you receive deserved tax credits 
  • Set tax categories and rates. Allows for easy identification of taxable and exempt clients 
  • Automated reports can be viewed at any time. 

Streamline Law Firm Accounting with Soluno

Stop using spreadsheets to manage your law firm’s accounting and billing and switch to Soluno’s cloud-based solution. Soluno makes accounting simple. 

Soluno is a full accounting and billing solution developed for law firms and their specific needs. 

Flexible Accounting

Soluno’s accounting solution is flexible and makes keeping track of your clients simple. 

  • Supports accrual, cash, modified-cash variations 
  • Track hard and soft costs separately 
  • Close out your periods or years in a single step
Legal Practice Management Software

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Legal practice management software can help ensure compliance with ethical and regulatory requirements by providing tools for tracking time, managing client trust accounts, and maintaining accurate records. This can help law firms avoid potential legal issues and maintain high professionalism.