What is Terminus ABM Platform?

Terminus ABM (Account-Based Marketing) Platform is a software tool that enables B2B marketers to create and execute targeted marketing campaigns for specific accounts or groups. It is a comprehensive platform that allows marketers to manage, measure, and optimize their ABM strategies across multiple channels, including email, advertising, social media, and more.

Terminus ABM Platform is designed to help B2B marketers identify and engage with high-value target accounts, increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

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 Software Features

Account Identification and Targeting

The ABM Platform uses data to identify high-priority accounts based on factors like firmographics, intent data, and engagement history.

Persona-Based Targeting

Marketers can create and target personas in their target accounts based on job titles, functions, and other criteria with the Terminus ABM Platform.

Multichannel Engagement

The ABM Platform offers a range of engagement channels, including email, advertising, social media, direct mail, and more, allowing marketers to reach their target accounts across multiple touchpoints.

Personalization and Customization

The ABM Platform enables highly personalized messaging and content delivery to target accounts based on their interests and needs.

Campaign Orchestration

The platform offers a central dashboard for marketers to manage campaigns across multiple channels, ensuring consistent messaging and timing.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and reporting provide detailed analytics to measure campaign effectiveness and optimize strategies over time.

Integrations and API

The ABM Platform integrates with marketing automation, CRM, and sales enablement tools and offers API for custom integrations.

Sales Alignment

The platform provides tools and resources to help marketers align their ABM strategies with their sales teams, enabling them to work together more effectively to drive revenue growth.