What is Barracuda Intronis?

Barracuda Intronis offers a range of products, including its flagship product, Intronis Backup, which provides cloud-based backup and recovery services for businesses of all sizes. Intronis Barracuda also offers Intronis MSP Solutions, designed specifically for MSPs, and provides a range of features such as centralized management, billing, and reporting.

Barracuda also has Advanced Email Protection, a cloud-based solution that uses AI and machine learning to block email threats like phishing and malware while offering email encryption, data loss prevention, and advanced reporting features for added security and compliance.

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Software Features

Barracuda Backup combines storage, software, and inline deduplication, to ensure data is protected against loss no matter what happens. Available as a hardware or virtual appliance, Barracuda Backup – MSP delivers near-continuous data protection and replication to an off-site appliance or to the cloud.

Inline Duplication

Reduce storage needs, bandwidth requirements, and backup costs while minimizing the completion time of a full backup and replication by deduplicating data as it is received. Securely send data to the Barracuda Cloud, AWS, or a remote backup appliance, stored with 256-bit AES encryption with replication. 

Rapid Data Recovery Options

Easily recover lost or corrupted data to minimize customer data loss and downtime. In the event of a ransomware attack, restore maliciously encrypted files and folders without paying the ransom. Recover from a wide range of restore options, including Bare Metal Restore, image-based restores, and LiveBoot/Cloud LiveBoot. 

Cost-Effective Backup Solution

Data protection for physical, virtual, and SaaS environments; either on-premise or in the cloud. With the choice to replicate your customers’ data to the Barracuda Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), or a private location of your choice. 

  • Flexible deployment options 
  • On-site protection 
  • Cloud and hybrid cloud protection 
  • Site-to-site protection 
  • Multi-environment protection 

Offsite Vaulting for Industry Compliance

Remain compliant while minimizing your backup storage costs with the ability to move local copies of monthly and yearly backups off a local appliance to the Barracuda Cloud or another Barracuda appliance. 

Centralized Management

Barracuda’s robust central management allows organizations to manage multiple sites from a clean and simple-to-use interface. Configure data sources, schedule backups, and recover data from a single centralized management console. 

Key Features

  • Image and File Replication 
  • LiveBoot for VMware and Hyper-V 
  • Granular SharePoint Recovery 
  • Disaster Recovery Service 
  • Next-Day Hardware Replacement 
  • Hardware Refresh Every 4 Years 
  • Cloud Replication Subscription 
  • Firmware and Automatic Updates 
  • No Fees Per-Server or Application 
  • Live 24×7 Support 
Backup & Disaster Recovery Plans

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Ensure your business is well-prepared for unforeseen disasters and safeguard against data loss. Protect your valuable data with a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution today. By implementing this essential protection, you can minimize the impact of unexpected events and keep your business running smoothly.