What is N-able Backup?

N-able Backup is a cloud-based data backup and recovery solution for managed service providers (MSPs) and IT professionals. It allows MSPs to offer backup and recovery services to their clients to protect their critical data from any unforeseen events, such as system failures, natural disasters, or cyber-attacks.

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Software Features

Cloud-First Backup That Gives You More for Less

Streamline backup management, scale as you grow, and turn backup services into a driver of profitability.

Protect against Ransomware

Store your backups off the local network by default, out of the reach of ransomware, with Cove’s efficient, direct-to-cloud architecture. 

Enjoy SaaS Simplicity

Cove is delivered as a service, so we handle the updates, patching, and maintenance for you. You have better things to do. 

Spend Less Time Babysitting

Cove’s unified, multitenant management console saves hours of administrative time every week—and is intuitive enough for junior staff to manage. 

Cloud Storage Included

Why pay extra for a third-party cloud storage provider? Cove helps you keep data in the region, with 30 data centers worldwide and AES 256-bit encryption for backups in transit and at rest. 

Respond with Bare-Metal or Virtual Recovery

When disaster strikes, Cove helps you recover a full device to a virtual machine or new hardware—the choice is yours. 

Save Time with Automated Recovery Testing

For one low monthly fee, Cove will automatically test your backups and provide reports that validate recoverability. 

Fast File-Level Restore

With Cove, there’s no need to restore a full image to restore one folder or a few files, and routine restore tasks are easily delegated to customers or help desk personnel. 

Stay Ahead of HIPAA and Other Regulations

For businesses that fall under regulations like HIPAA, data archiving is a compliance requirement. But even if your company isn’t regulated, backup archiving is still a smart business practice. 

Be Ready to Respond to Legal

Setting up archive schedules today prepares you for any future legal requests around data retention or recreation from a point in time.  

Optional Local Storage

Cloud-first doesn’t have to mean cloud-only. Use a network share or the hardware of your choice to keep an optional local copy of backups for recovery at WAN speed.

Get a Head Start on Recovery with a Standby Image

For the most demanding recovery-time objectives, proactively set up a standby image and automatically send every backup to it to reduce your recovery time when it matters most. 

Be Ready for All Types of Disasters

No matter what type of disaster you’re facing, Cove offers flexibility and reliability to help you save the day. Our cloud-first architecture stores your backups offsite by default, out of the reach of ransomware on your network. 

Keep Five Times More Restore Points

Cove’s TrueDelta efficiency means you can keep five times more restore points using the same storage amount as traditional image backups. 


  • Manage backups for physical and virtual servers, workstations, business documents, and Microsoft 365 data, all from one dashboard 
  • Speed up backups and restores with technology optimized for cloud storage 
  • Reduce hardware costs; backup storage in our private cloud is included 
  • Restore files, folders, or entire machines quickly via flexible recovery options, including standby image. 
Backup & Disaster Recovery Plans

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Ensure your business is well-prepared for unforeseen disasters and safeguard against data loss. Protect your valuable data with a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution today. By implementing this essential protection, you can minimize the impact of unexpected events and keep your business running smoothly.