What is N-able?

Efficiently manage Microsoft and third-party software patches across your clients’ networks with the Patch Management module in N-able N-central. The N-central solution leverages advanced features such as rule-based automation, cache optimization, and multiple maintenance windows to ensure timely and secure patch deployment across all managed devices.

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Software Features

Up Your Security Game with Powerful Patching

Patching is one of the best defenses against ever-evolving cyber threats—but only if the patches are applied efficiently and consistently. That makes N‑central’s reliable, flexible patch management indispensable in your security arsenal. 


Single-cycle patching reliably handles the entire process through every patch and every reboot.  


OS & feature updates out of the box

Set patching policies across a multi-tiered hierarchy from the entire organization down to specific devices. 

Microsoft Release Channels

Fully automated, with reboot control  


Microsoft classifications

Every class and severity of the Microsoft patch, including OOB  

Third-party patching support

Supports all Microsoft classifications  

Closed network and offline patching

100+ supported apps, including automated in-house testing and install success verification  


Wake and patch support

Natively builds patch lists for use by devices with no internet connection  

Auto-approval delay range with countdown

Uses both Wake-on-LAN and Windows Power Management to wake both isolated and networked devices  


Fully automated and configurable approval delays with countdown  


Basic built-in reporting;  

Effective patch management made easy 

How Patch Management Is Critical to Keeping Your Business Equipment Functioning

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Patch management can significantly benefit businesses by ensuring their software systems and applications are secure and up-to-date. By regularly applying patches and updates, companies can reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches, protecting both their sensitive data and that of their customers.