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2021 Security Risks for Law Firms

by | Jul 14, 2021 | Legal

Legal offices are adapting to a new normal post-pandemic. Law firms navigating through remote work, virtual client management, and ever-changing social media can be a daunting process and may take a toll on law firms failing to adapt to new technologies and work norms. In the past year, tech giants and law firms are looking at new security risks and trends that can dramatically affect the legal space.

From email phishing scams to e-discovery, here are a few of EVERNET’s Tech Trends and Security Risks for law firms:

Going Paperless:
The need to cart around boxes of paper is becoming part of the past for law firms. The number of documents that once filled an entire meeting room can now be accessed at the touch of your fingertips via computer or mobile device.

Not only has technology changed how lawyers practice law, it has also changed the discovery process. eDiscovery has become all too common and the pursuit of paper discovery is becoming obsolete. As we continue to see technology evolve we will see more and more new file types be created and the world of eDiscovery will continue to grow exponentially over the next few years.

Cyber Security:
Symantec has reported that phishing emails, web links scams, and data breaches are rising. A sensitive data leak for a law firm can result in a malpractice lawsuit against the firm, so it is vital to have a Managed IT Service Provider managing your anti-virus software, monitoring your data, and protecting your email system. EVERNET also provides security training for clients and their employees. Especially when it comes to Mobile Device Management, many workers are using their personal devices to conduct work.