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How Remote is Remote IT?

by | Apr 13, 2021 | Humans & IT

All IT is Remote IT so Choose the Best

I started EVERNET as a solo IT consultant in 2007. I provided onsite IT support and remote IT support to a small but growing list of law firms, medical practices, and other businesses that put their trust in me. In that time, I was all things to all people. My clients had direct access to the business owner, account manager, IT technician, etc. who they contracted to protect and develop their business. Lucky for them, they had the best, locally 😉.

It took a long time for me to make the decision to step back from service and delegate to very capable professionals. Yes, I lost a few clients after many years of service, but to my delight, most clients stayed and were happy to continue to put their trust in me and my methods and culture. To those clients who have been with me from the beginning, I say thank you. To those who moved on, I say thank you and we’re still here when you’re ready to receive the best again. 

Why Does This Matter?


This matters because in 2017 I made another business decision… after commuting to an office for 15 years it occurred to me that I could provide a better service to our clients and a better experience to our team by eliminating the waste of a central office. I could build a fast growing and nimble company that can be everywhere, always. So with that in mind, I made a few modest business process changes and officially decentralized EVERNET. It was the best decision I have ever made.

While I could not have predicted the events of 2020 and COVID, when March 2020 was upon us and businesses were forced to pivot to a remote work or “work from home” situation, we were just not impacted. By then, we had been providing remote IT service, consulting, and support to our clients for nearly 3 years.


In fact, we were able to bring the processes, tools, and experience we had developed internally to our clients, again law firms, accountants, medical practices, etc. Yes, we still went with onsite support when it was necessary but, our clients quickly realized what we already knew… that our services and support was a remote relationship. Onsite service and support was simply not necessary in 9 out of 10 cases

This reality led me to one more business decision I will share with you. It was not unknown to me that we could provide the best IT support, consulting, and services to our clients remotely but sometimes old habits die hard and something as dramatic as COVID is the impetus for change. So knowing that we could bring our elite team, methods, and experience to more businesses, I began to adapt a national marketing strategy. I set out to reach every business in the US that was seeking a personable, reliable, relationship with a business IT support resource like EVERNET. 

“The result has been nothing short of inspiring.”

EVERNET Consulting, LLC headquartered in Hartford, CT now provides the nation’s best remote and onsite IT support, consulting, and services to businesses from Seattle to Los Angeles, to Tampa to Boston, with clients in Texas, Nashville, and Chicago. We are so pleased to bring the quality local feel that our New England clients benefit from to such a wonderful and growing list of business leaders throughout the country. 

If your current IT resource is not communicating well with you, responsive enough, or in any way leaves you feeling like you’re not receiving the best remote and IT support, consulting, and services then I want to hear from you.