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Legal Software: Where Is It Going?

by | Jan 17, 2022 | Legal, Software

Legal Software

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Where we’ve been and where we’re going. 

Amicus Attorney, PCLaw, Needles, Family Law Software, Assets+, Best Case Bankruptcy, Clio, Practice Panther, these and many more are all legal law firm software our clients have used for the last 20+ years to run their firms and practices. We have supported these systems through many iterations, innovations, and changes. For example, I remember when most firms didn’t have servers and the database was a Microsoft Access database floating around a Microsoft Windows Workgroup.

Many of these products have changed owners once or twice. I remember when Amicus Attorney was owned by a nice little Canadian software company founded by a former attorney – Gavel & Gown, they were acquired by California-based Abacus in 2016. Before LexisNexis and LEAP joined forces to co-own and grow PCLaw, Time Matters, and LEAP Legal Software, PCLaw was owned and operated prior to 2005 by a nice seemingly garage operation in Buffalo New York called Alumni Computing Group or ACG. Some of you with old enough computers likely have PCLaw installed to C:\Program Files\ACG\PCLaw… give me a break, I’m in IT (Information Technology). 

While many businesses still prefer to run their own servers to host their databases and software, there has been a significant paradigm shift to how law firms run their businesses. Yes, the fears of attorney–client privilege, liability, privacy, data security, etc. were the leading anxieties that slowed the move to web-based software and cloud-hosted data, the utility, cost savings, and availability benefits could not be ignored. Now we see leading law firm practice management software like and signing up attorneys and firms in droves. Even the classics have been adapted to the web like Amicus Attorney Online, Needles, and more.  

It’s cliché to sit here and wax poetic about how change is the only constant and technology marches progress forward, but I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to take a pause to look back to where we once were and appreciate where we are now. I can only guess as to what the future will bring, what tools we will employ to run highly productive and profitable law firms. As all fortune-tellers do, we can use current events, pop culture, and the zeitgeist to predict the future – in that I would say lawyers may be made obsolete by the often touted artificial intelligence (AI) and the automation that will come with it. Perhaps humans will delegate the entire judiciary to the neural network or metaverse and legal services will simply be unnecessary. Don’t take it personally, the forecasters call for the same to the medical industry. Whatever information technology tools come next for running and managing law firms, it will come with a learning curve and the bounty of increased capital, profits, and client satisfaction, and my team and I will be there to bring it to our valued clients. 

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