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The Heat People – Website Redesign

by | Feb 20, 2023

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The Heat People is an HVAC installation and service company

The Heat People is a company based in southern Connecticut specializing in HVAC installation and Services. The company works with both residential and commercial spaces. The previous website hosting company could not effectively optimize the clients brand or online presence. Therefore, The Heat People switched to an EVERNET hosting plan, redesigned their website and decreased their monthly rates. The client wanted to upgrade their website to be more user friendly, family oriented and optimize their online presence to attract more website traffic.

The client wanted a website that clearly stated their business and maximized their SEO. We created a single page layout that incorporated imagery and text from their previous website.

The navigation bar is a series of anchor links that will direct users to the information they were looking for. The company wanted to feature several pricing options to show what services are offer. Viewers can then use the contact form to get a more information and a more accurate quote for service. The website incorporates contact forms in multiple areas to drive client retention and new clients.

The header includes google reviews of the company, as well as a phone number to contact the company. The client wanted to increase the visibility of their Google reviews and create a place for them to be able to solicit reviews from the website. The space was created to feature reviews and a button for clients to leave reviews. The website also features a blog section. Visitors to the website can follow the link to the blog page and access more information regarding tips and maintenance of their HVAC.

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