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The Top VoIP Providers for the Healthcare Industry 

by | Nov 2, 2022 | Healthcare, Software

If you’re looking to migrate over a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications system, it’s essential they follow the data privacy set forth by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). A VoIP phone system is available as a SaaS solution or hosted in the cloud. Data and communications need to be secure, as patient information needs to be protected, to these services need to be HIPAA compliant. 

EVERNET has the experience and expertise to ensure your communications are HIPAA compliant and securing your location is our top priority. 

What Makes a VoIP Provider HIPAA Compliant? 

You should make certain that the companies you’re researching is compliant, but how do you know? 

  • Ensure the provider offers an SLA or Business Agreement 
  • They offer end-to-end encryption 
  • They have completed risk assessments 
  • Access to systems is password protected 
  • Built-in authentication 
  • SSL/TLS for data integrity 

The next question you might have; which VoIP providers are HIPAA compliant? We’ve done the research for you and here are the top VoIP providers for the healthcare industry. 





RingCentral is a feature-rich VoIP provider that has the HIPAA seal of approval. You need to make sure your supporting infrastructure falls in line. They will sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and automations can be implemented to delete data. Data from the following products include: 

  • RingCentral MVP 
  • RingCentral fax  
  • RingCentral professional account data 
  • Voicemail and recordings 

RingCentral also uses the following encryption: 

  • Data-at-rest 
  • Data-in-transit 
  • TLS/SRTP secure voice 
  • E2EE using Message Layer Security (MLS) 

You can enable passwords to join and restrict video sharing as to avoid sharing any data to people who aren’t approved to see it. RingCentral allows Single sign-on and enforced multi-factor authentication (MFA). RIngCentral permits you to authenticate users and enforce a waiting room. RingCentral puts you in control of who joins calls and is verified to viewed patient data and safeguards data transfers of your patient’s sensitive information. 

Learn more about RingCentral’s VoIP offering and solutions. 





8×8 is a VoIP provider who has the HIPAA seal of approval for compliance. They provide BAAs for business entities and associates. 8×8 follows best practices for security within their cloud services.  

8×8 offers a robust solution and product offering. You might be considering migrating your contact center to the cloud, and 8×8 delivers a secure cloud contact solution which enables your employees to delivery high quality customer experiences. 8×8 offers an SLA which ensures 99.999% uptime and its customer-focused platform allows your employees to deliver support through all communication channels. 

8×8 HIPAA-compliant products include: 

  • Business Phone 
  • Video conferencing 
  • Team chat 
  • Communication APIs 
  • Fax 
  • Text messaging 

8×8 works with all healthcare organizations to provide secure voice, video, and chat solutions to ensure security and compliance. 8×8 secures integrations with your CRM, and other potential patient data touchpoints. 

Learn more about 8×8’s VoIP offerings and solutions. 





DialPad is HIPAA compliant that features unlimited calling, call recording and routing in its main offering. DialPad is compliant, but also needs the user to complete actions during setup to reach full compliance. 

DialPad conducts frequent audits to maintain HIPAA compliance and will sign a BAA. They do have identity and access controls and the user is required to configure, as well. DialPad’s solution is designed for healthcare teams of all sizes. Conduct virtual visits over a password protected connection from any device.  

Dialpad’s cloud-based service delivers better patient experiences with automated follow-ups, fewer missed calls, and reduced wait times. A cloud-based solutions remove those overhead costs of an on-premise system. 

Here are some of DialPad’s HIPAA compliant features: 

  • Voice calls use TLS 
  • Application data uses AES 256-bit encryption 
  • Role-based access 
  • Single sign-on 
  • Call recording compliant 

DialPad’s access management ensures the right people on your team have access to the right data and with constant security assessments, DialPad is is always meeting the needs of the HIPAA security risk assessment. 

Learn about DialPad’s VoIP solutions. 


Zoom Healthcare 


Everyone has used Zoom or an offshoot and it’s become the Google of audio/video calls. Zoom developed a platform geared towards the healthcare industry which includes a signed BAA. Zoom encrypts protected health information (PHI) with AES as their standard. 

Users are in control of their meetings and calls by managing their waiting rooms and allowing approved attendees. Their VoIP solution is password protected. Zoom’s architecture allows healthcare organizations of all sizes to grow without fear of compromising security or falling out of HIPAA compliance. 

Zoom’s HIPAA compliant product offerings: 

  • Chat 
  • Virtual Meetings 
  • VoIP Phone 
  • Online Whiteboard 

Zoom allows you to connect with patients using video conferencing or Zoom phone – their cloud-based VoIP solution. Zoom takes responsibility for enforcing the administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to prevent any unauthorized access or accidental sharing of PHI. 

Here’s how Zoom ensures HIPAA compliance: 

  • Controls to protect and encrypt meeting data 
  • Data connections use TLS and PKI certificates 
  • Password protection of all features 
  • Screen sharing transmits encrypted mouse and keyboard strokes




Cytracom offers a fully functional cloud-based phone system and UCaaS platform. Enjoy cloud-based voice, plus, integrate mobile and desktop apps, and messaging into one platform. They also provide the hardware and will replace it every three years. 

Cytracom serves HIPAA compliant VoIP solutions and secures data using SSL/TLS encrypted data transmission. Cytracom offers secure integrations with your essential tools and ensures all PHI is secure and private. 

Learn more about Cytracom’s VoIP and cloud-based solutions. 


Vonage offers a cloud-based unified communications system that’s HIPAA compliant.  

Vonage enables secure communications with patients to deliver exeperiences in real-time from any device. Vonage’s solutions protect PHI and has achieved HITRUST certification. 

Here’s Vonage’s HIPAA compliant offerings: 

  • Audio calls 
  • Contact centers 
  • Business text/SMS 
  • Video conferencing 

Vonage signs BAAs and uses high-security encryption to ensure all data is private and users can authenticate attendees to ensure all people can view data. 

Learn more about Vonage’s HIPAA compiant VoIP offering. 


If you’re making the move to VoIP solution provider, contact the team at EVERNET. We can be your strategic partner and provide the guidance to ensure you select the right VoIP service that fit your needs and goals. Schedule a call today, as we’re here to answer all of your questions and make the migration as seamless as possible.