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Top Ways To Leverage Online Marketing for Business Growth

by | Apr 30, 2021 | Business, Manufacturing

Owning a well-designed, interactive website just doesn’t cut it anymore. With the internet ushering in new digital platforms and applications, businesses can easily be left at a loss. And with small businesses looking to do more than break even, overspending on the digital market isn’t an attractive option.

But that’s precisely it: the internet creates numerous opportunities for digital marketing for little to less than a dime. You need to know where to look or which methods to use to help augment your efforts. 

Publish Quality Blog Posts
Now that your website is up and running, it’s time to create and publish some engaging content. Based on the type of industry, you want to publish informative content, something that is helpful. Ensure that the published content is accurate to help establish you as an authoritative voice in your particular niche.

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Any business only creating quality online content wants one thing: a stream of endless readers. But every time you publish one, the readers get fewer and fewer. It could be that you’re not leveraging the capabilities of SEO.

SEO is what helps an article rank among the top results of a web search. To do so, find out the top searched topics and keywords concerning your business/industry. Then write on each topic, making sure to include the keywords. Also, businesses are advised to SEO companies that can help make the process a lot easier. 

Go Social
Research shows that an increasing amount of people use social media more and more every day. With 3 billion people globally interacting with said platforms, its little wonder large organizations are constantly on them. They know that they need to find the people where they are by creating attractive and engaging content.

Through quality images, videos, and content in written form, you can interact with customers personally. It will also give you a chance to create brand awareness and humanize it. All these benefits will equal an increase in leads that will help boost sales.

The Power of Influencers
You’ve probably heard of influencers, and perhaps, maybe know of a few. The number of followers they command is staggering, and they’re willing to share them with you. That’s right; you can quickly partner with a trustworthy influencer and have instant access to a new audience.

From travel vloggers and technology bloggers, you have options to choose from. You will have to pay them for marketing and recommending your products, of course. But that will have you looking at an overwhelming increase in brand awareness and ROI.

Utilize Email Marketing
There’s a reason email marketing is not popular among digital marketers. It’s challenging to accomplish and sometimes means parting with something. You don’t have to give money away, but you want to give them something of value for free.

Whether it’s a free e-book or download, any helpful resource can be the right hook to get them. This leads us to: how do you get their contact information? Well, when you offer them a valuable resource, they give you their information in exchange. 

Nurture Your Email List
It’s not enough to get their contact information. You have to do something with it, sending valuable short content or updating them on certain products. The bottom line is that you work to build a relationship with them while not coming off as overbearing.

Now, as you work to create some valuable content, keep learning your customer’s interest. Then shape your content to serve those interests. Good business is all about servicing the customer. Did you see our latest newsletter about Getting More Time In Your Day?

Utilize Google Analytics or SalesIQ
Are you looking for an easy and quick way to identify and understand your audience? By integrating Google Analytics, you’ll be able to curate targeted and specific content for your readers. This is because Google Analytics will let you through dashboard Metrics, among others.

You’ll also be aware of which products customers interact with most, and therefore, make them more available. With such invaluable data on your audience, you’ll be able to set practical goals and stay above the competition.

Engage in Guest Blogging
Do your research on blogs that are related to your business or industry. You want to identify the well-performing ones and see if you can write a guest post. By doing so, you’ll be tapping into their audiences and creating an awareness of your business and website.

Having external links on top-performing websites is a sneaky way to improve SEO ranking. If they agree, you’ll want to allow them to post a blog on your site as well. And don’t just reach out to one quality site, but constantly build that list and form relationships via Social Media.

Write A Press Release
Is something significant happening at your company? Are there a few changes or additions that your customers need to know? If so, put them down in writing in the form of a press release. Press releases are yet to lose their effectiveness, even on the digital platform.

Utilizing the above methods can be a game-changer to growing your business. But one thing most businesses rarely go without today is an IT expert. Why? To help protect their data and reputation as a business from cybercriminals.

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