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Anti-Virus Solutions and Endpoint Detection For Businesses

by | Dec 12, 2022 | Business, Cyber Security, Healthcare, Manufacturing

the top anti-virus and endpoint detection software

All of our devices are connected to the Internet in some fashion. Your company has hundreds of connected devices, servers, and hardware that hosts critical data – including employee and client information. The data stored contains address information and even financial information. Data the cyber criminals salivate over. You must consider using anti-virus solutions and endpoint detection and response.

Anti-virus and endpoint detection software protect your data against these criminals, plus ransomware and malware protection. If you’re not protecting your company in some fashion, it’s only a matter of time before your data is compromised. Your employees are the most likely source for breaches, usually by accident from clicking on a link or accidentally downloading unauthorized software.

To keep your business protected at all times, here are the top anti-virus and endpoint detection providers for your business.



SentinelOne’s mission is to defeat every attack, every second of every day.

Their Singularity™ platform instantly defends against cyber threats in real-time with light speed, continuous monitoring, and high accuracy. Singularity offers complete visibility into your network and gives you enterprise-level automation and control that’s simple to use.

SentinelOne is one of the leaders in the security market and has been recognized by authorities, like Gartner, for their protection solution. This is also a great solution for healthcare organizations, as their endpoint threat detection and response security are top-notch.

Pros  Cons 
Feature-rich  No free trial 
Great support   

To learn more about SentinelOne, click here.



BitDefender runs silently in the background of your computer, preventing threats automatically without interrupting your work.

Their anti-virus solutions keep you informed without the annoying notifications and just provides simple notifications about the threats and that they’ve been removed.

BitDefender’s features are in one app and only appear when you want to see them. It’s easy to install and run and doesn’t use a lot of resources, and as a result, offers real-time protection, network threat prevention, and protection from ransomware and malware.

You’ll also be protected from phishing attempts, fraud, and web attacks. Your vulnerability is always assessed, so you’re in the know of any holes.

Pros  Cons 
AI constantly learns new issues  Can be expensive based on features 
Application blacklist  Restrictive VPN 
Includes webcam and microphone protection  macOS only with paid plans 

 To learn more about BitDefender, click here.

Norton Anti-Virus 

Probably the most well-known anti-virus removal software. They provide real-time threat protection for all threats and stop hackers and account takeovers.

Norton stops resource-hogging malware and keeps your computer running fast and also blocks fake websites that are designed to steal your personal information.

Norton has also integrated LifeLock and a VPN for even more protection. LifeLock protects the identity of your employees, and the VPN protects your network and your remote workforce. As a result, these services keep your browsing private on your corporate network or home Wi-Fi.

Pros  Cons 
Strong support  Slow first scan 
Always updating  Uses separate apps for other features 
Identity protection   

To learn more about Norton Anti-Virus, click here.

AVG Business Edition 

Like the others, AVG is a recognized brand in the anti-virus space. They have been in the market for well over a decade and have received numerous awards for their solution.

AVG has a good free solution, but you receive far more protection with their paid service. You can receive email alerts, and the easy-to-use dashboard allows you to monitor all threats and manage security in one location.

With features like File Shield, Link Scanner, Email Shield, and Web Shield you can rest easy knowing all threats are scanned and removed from various locations. Threats are removed from files, and phishing emails don’t even hit your inbox.

No need to wait for updates, the software updates automatically. Subscribe to AVG Business and you’re always up to date.

Pros  Cons 
Feature-rich  No free trial with Business Edition 
Various layers of protection  Can be pricey 

To learn more about AVG, click here. 

McAfee Anti-Virus 

McAfee Anti-virus has been around for over 30 years, almost since the beginning of the modern Internet. Even if you’ve never implemented or installed the software, you’ve probably heard of McAfee.

McAfee provides real-time threat protection against malware, spyware, ransomware, and phishing attacks. Updates allow your business to keep up with the latest threats and complex viruses and malware. They do this with multiple layers of security technology and smart firewalls in their antivirus protection.

There’s also a built-in password manager which allows you to sync all passwords across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms allowing for secure access.

Pros  Cons 
One license covers 10 devices  Limited cloud backup 
Doesn’t use system resources  Pricey renewals 
Great support  Some features need to be bought separately 

 McAfee is a trusted solution and works well in an enterprise with an emphasis on data protection.

To learn more about McAfee, click here. 

In conclusion, an anti-virus solution and endpoint detection are essential assets in data protection. They detect and remove malware and viruses automatically.

If you need to work with a trusted provider to help you implement any of these anti-virus solutions, give the experts at EVERNET a call. We’ll get to know your business and find the perfect anti-virus solutions and endpoint detection that fits your needs in anti-virus protection. Let’s schedule a discovery call today and get your company protected tomorrow!