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How To Generate More Business For Your Law Firm

by | Dec 26, 2022 | Legal

A law firm is no different than any other business; it needs a portfolio of clients to thrive. You have a book of clients that you gained through word of mouth, but that’s not enough. In this digital age, it’s imperative to have a digital presence to generate more prospective clients for your law firm.  

So, here are three tips to generate more potential clients for your law firm in this digital age.  

Position Your Firm At The Top Of Their Search  

Part of your law firm’s marketing strategies should be search engine optimization (SEO). This is the initial process of improving your law firm’s website’s visibility online. High-quality content should be at the heart of your marketing tactics; whether it’s blog posts, well-structured content on your website, or social media posts that contain your target keywords. Law firm SEO will always be an effective tactic and is essential to keep up with. 

Knowing your target audience and what they’re searching for is essential and if you’re answering their questions with relevant content, that will give your site an authoritative boost. If you have a few dollars to spend on search ads, you can bid on keywords that are essential to your business to get to the top of search results. On your website, ensure you have the proper client intake forms so that you’re getting the necessary contact information. 

The experts at EVERNET can help you with your law firm’s content marketing strategy and help with SEO efforts. 

Google My Business 

Claim your business on Google My Business. Log in to your Google account and access the Google Business page. Enter your law firm’s name, or if it doesn’t appear, add your business to Google. Once your business is verified, you’ll be able to access and manage your information.  

Ask for reviews from satisfied clients, as those will help position your law firm in search results. 

Be Active On Social Media 

Until you get your firm up and running, be sure to share useful and educational content. That can be anything from relevant blog posts or industry articles that will provide value for your audience. If you’re a malpractice attorney, you might write a piece on how to research malpractice attorneys and share that piece on your social media platforms. 

Share behind-the-scenes looks into your firm. People like to see a human element behind businesses, and law firms are no different. Introduce your team and build relationships. Give them an idea of what it’s like to work with your firm and what kind of client service they can expect. 

Have a Practice Management Strategy 

You’ll need to define and effectively communicate your law firm’s focus. While you may want to offer services in many areas, focusing on one practice area allows you to become an expert in the field and provide higher levels of service. Do you have a set of operating procedures and processes? That’s where having Legal Practice Management Software (LPMS) comes into play. 

Using an LPMS serves a few purposes. It acts as your contact database (CRM) to manage your client pipeline. You can track your clients from a potential client all the way to signing.  

In addition, an LPMS manages all documents, tracking, communications, and payments. An LPMS can also automate your processes, so you can focus on client management.  

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Upgrade Your Communications Systems 

When was the last time your thought about your phone system? Are you still using a traditional phone system? It’s time to consider upgrading your communications technology to something more modern. A VoIP or cloud-based phone system will also help in attracting more business. If you’re using an older phone system, you could be losing out on business with busy signals or too many calls going to voicemail. 

A VoIP phone system enables menu options, an auto attendant, and smart call routing. This allows clients to reach specific people in your firm who can handle specific areas of law. Modern phone systems integrate into your CRM, so all conversations and notes can be tracked in the software for easy reference. The phone system can be accessed from anywhere. You have access to your tools, client data, and your phone whether you’re in court or at the local coffee shop. 

Stop losing potential clients to busy signals and outdated technology. 

Track Your Marketing Efforts 

If you’re implementing these marketing efforts, it’s essential to track their results. You can always start by asking where they heard of you, but you’ll want more tangible attribution. Without measurement, you won’t know which channel is bringing in business. Enabling Google Analytics on your website measures your website’s traffic and performance. 

Software like CallRail tracks how people found and call you; whether it’s through a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, SEO, or other campaigns. 

Now’s a great time to get into marketing your law firm. When you partner with EVERNET, you’re hiring a marketing and IT team to your practice. We can help with digital marketing, and software consultations to ensure you’re making the right technology choices for your law firm. Let’s schedule a discovery call and see how we can help grow your law firm’s business.