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Top Legal Practice Management Software Solutions: Pros and Cons

by | Nov 1, 2022 | Legal, Software

Legal Practice Management Software

Are you still using outdated on-premise software in your law practice? How many notifications do you receive telling you it’s time to update or upgrade? As a law practice, it’s essential to have reliable and the most up-to-date software which helps organize your cases, responsibilities, documents, and contacts.  

More and more law practices are turning to software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions designed for the law industry. Introducing Legal Practice Management Software (LPMS).  Not all software is created equal. What others are using may not necessarily align with what your practice needs.

Here are the top Legal Practice Management Software solutions, and the pros and cons of each.  Should you have any questions on LPMS, contact EVERNET and we can answer any of your questions from choosing a platform and migration services. 


Zola Suite 

Zola Suite Legal Practice Management Software

Zola Suite is a cloud-based SaaS application that’s developed for law practices. Zola Suite allows you to track every aspect of your case from start to finish in an easy to digest dashboard. Zola Suite has powerful workflows which forces accountability by enabling notifications on assigned tasks, and logging all activity. Send encrypted messages, manage all pertinent documents, and track time and billing.  

Manage clients, create and manage all tasks, and upload all documents into Zola. Zola also has a calendar and email suite, not just an integration to Google or Outlook.  Access Zola Site anywhere using any computer with an Internet connection. Zola can also be accessed on mobile: 

  • Android 
  • iOS
Pros  Cons 
Free Trial  Limited Integrations 
Strong Partner Program  Premium Pricing 
Robust Feature Set  No Text Message Feature 
Quick Customer Support Response   


To learn more about Zola Suite, click here. 

MyCase Legal Practice Management Software 

MyCase Legal Practice Management Software

Need to attract more clients? Need to manage your current leads and clients? MyCase provides a 360-degree of your firm’s client pipeline and allows you to track your contacts from perspective client all the way to signing. MyCase is perfect for firms looking migrating to their first legal practice management software application and have a limited budget.

Collect e-signatures, and enjoy a full email client built-in. It’s simple to use with project management and workflows and easy to run reports. Messages are encrypted to comply with privacy regulations. Handle the intake process from start to finish and automate the creation and signing of retainer documents.

MyCase is cloud-based, so access the software from anywhere with an Internet connection. Plus download the app for your preferred mobile device: 

  • Android 
  • iOS
Pros  Cons 
Well-built Task Management  Limited Integrations 
Easily Digestible Client Portal  Lack of Conflict Checker 
Integrated Text Messaging  No Accounting Feature 
Partner Program   
Free Trial   


For more information on MyCase, click here. 


CasePeer Legal Practice Management Software

CASEpeer is cloud-based legal practice management software application for personal injury lawyers who have high volume intake and settlements. Most law firms can use CASEpeer, however, personal injury firms will find the settlement calculator, demand tracker, and specific personal injury reporting particularly useful.  

Automate simple tasks and track all cases and timelines within the application. Keep track of costs of the case, as well medical treatments. As with a lot of the other LPMS solutions, manage all of your documents and calendar. Simplify the customer experience with texting and e-signatures; no need to print hundreds of pages. 


Pros  Cons 
Integrated Email Client  No Android App 
Text Messaging  Can’t Take Online Payments 
Document Management/Assembly  No Partner Program 
Developed For Personal Injury  Account Functions Limited 


To learn more about CASEpeer’s features, click here

Clio Manage- Legal Practice Management Software 

Clio Legal Practice Management Software

Clio Manage is cloud-based and allows you to organize all of your cases, and collaborate with your clients in one platform. Keep your information consistent across your cases by using the default fields or create custom fields pertinent to your firm. Organization is simple as you can link every invoice, task, and notes to each case.

An easy to digest dashboard gives you full view of finances, essential tasks, and appointments. Track every update in real-time and see who made the update. Stay on top of the case and changes as they happen. Bill and receive payments for your service. Manage invoices, expenses, and accept online payments. 


Pros  Cons 
Integrations  No Email/Text Client 
Highly Customizable  Basic Templates 
APIs for Integrations  Add-ons Might Be Needed 
For Firms of All Sizes  No Partner Program 


To learn more about Clio Manage, click here.


Needles Legal Practice Management Software

Needles is cloud-based and helps manage your law firm’s processes and workflows. Workflows free up your time to concentrate on your clients and cases. Easy to upload intake documents and add notes to your case. Robust library of templates that are plug-n-play or customizable to your specific case.

Needles is all about automation and improving efficiency of your firm. Since it’s cloud-based, no need to be tied to your desk for all of the information. Securely access all documents, notes, and tasks from anywhere with an Internet connection. 


Pros  Cons 
Business Reporting  No Mobile Apps 
Easy Set-up  No Partner Program 
Email Client Built-in  No Online Payments 
API for Integrations  Lack of Integrations/Google Integration 



Abacus Law Legal Practice Management Software

AbacusLaw provides both a cloud-based solution and on-premise option (installed on computer). It might be a good solution for firms dipping their toes into an LPMS solution but don’t want to move entirely to the cloud. 

AbacusLaw has integrated account functions, so additional software isn’t needed, and online payments are accepted. Timekeeping is a core feature which allows you track and manage billable hours. Manage tasks, client documents, and use the built-in calendar to manage all of your important dates. 

Pros  Cons 
Powerful Accounting Features  Minimal Integrations 
All-in-One Application  Complex Initial Set-up 
On-Premise Option  Pricey 
Send Bills and Invoices  No Mobile Apps 


If you’re looking for functioning mobile app, this may not be a good fit, but it does have a mobile responsive site. If a mobile app, isn’t a dealbreaker, it’s good option if you still want a cloud-based solution with an on-premise option. 

Amicus Attorney Cloud 

Amicus Attorney Legal Practice Management Software

Amicus has been around a long time and is more of an on-premise solution and can’t be access through a web browser. Data can be stored at your location or in a private cloud. 

Monitor and track the key essentials of your firm with simple access to calendars, email, task management, and time and billing. Open a specific matter and a file is created is created that’s focused on everything around that matter. The content is easy to access, organized, and simple to use. 

Amicus not only organizes, but automate your administrative tasks to free up your time. It also makes sure the work is done properly and with accuracy. Automation mitigates the risk of tasks falling through the cracks.  

Pros  Cons 
Great Accounting Features  Minimal Integrations 
On-Premise Option  Not For Solo Firms 
Billing and Invoicing  No Mobile Apps 
Supports Many Different Types of Law  No Email/Text Client 


Practice Panther 

Practice Panther Legal Practice Management Software

PracticePanther is a robust LPMS that allows you to move from potential client to a closed client in one platform. No need to manage multiple vendors or software applications. It has a few integrations focusing on document storage, but does have an open API which integrates to Zapier, allowing you to integrate other applications. 

PracticePanther preaches automation and getting more done in less time. Access all of your documents and information from their secure cloud and create custom workflows to track processes, and assign tasks and cases. Custom intake forms and templates start your case on a positive note. 

PracticePanther uses 256-bit encryption, ensuring all information remains secure. The built-in CRM is your personal organizer to track and grow your firm. Bill, invoice and receive payments from the platform, and collect e-signatures. 

Mobile Applications: 

  • Android 
  • iOS 
Pros  Cons 
Easy Intake  No Email Client Built-In 
Highly Customizable  Basic Templates 
Easy Integrations  Limited Out Of The Box Integrations 
Text Messaging Built-In  Some Features On Higher Pricing Tier 




Soluno is an accounting software solution geared toward law firms. It can also manage cases and contracts, time and expense tracking, and billing. Soluno was developed for law firms to help with their accounting functions and provide detailed financial and productivity reporting. Soluno tracks taxes to make sure all tax credits are accounted for, payments and refunds, plus you can set tax categories, identify tax exempt clients, and manage different tax rates. 

Pros  Cons 
Developed for Law Firms  Reports Aren’t Customizable 
Customer Support  No Closed File Feature 
User Friendly Design  Not As Feature Rich 
Dynamic Templates  Limited Integrations 


Now is a great time to move on from your on-premise based legal practice software to a cloud-based legal practice management software solution. You might have some questions, and the experts at EVERNET have the answers. From auditing your current systems to consulting on a solution that fits your firm’s needs. Contact us today to schedule a discovery call to see how we can lend our support.