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The Top VoIP Providers for Law and Accounting Firms of All Sizes 

by | Nov 3, 2022 | Business, Legal, Software

The advancement of communication technology and companies evolving environments, most are transitioning away from a traditional phone system in favor of Voice over Internet Protocols (VoIP) services. They’re cloud-based and eliminate high costs associated with a traditional phone service. 

Not only do they cut costs, they foster and enable better communication and collaboration, and can integrate with your existing business tools. There is a plethora of VoIP solution providers, so it’s important to find a solution best equipped to meet the needs of your practice. 

Law firms are able to take advantage of a cloud-based solution to help run their practice more efficiently.  You don’t want to give off a bad impression making a call from your personal cell phone. Making a call with a VoIP service from your cell, it will appear as it’s coming from your office. Cloud-based solutions allow you to professionally handle after hours calls. 

If you have any questions on VoIP services and if they can potentially be good fit with your firm, contact us for a discovery call. We’re here to answer any questions. 

Here are the best VoIP providers for law and accounting firms: 



RingCentral has VoIP solutions and features for law and accounting firms of all sizes. Setup is quick and easy and is a good solution for smaller firms that may not have an IT department. RingCentral offers a variety of pricing options with no contracts – just pay as you need the service. Easily scale as your firms grow. 

Stay connected from anywhere and develop a stable client experience. Keep track of your firm’s billable time and simplify workflows with call routing, logs, and voicemail to email. 

RingCentral’s products include: 

  • Voice calls 
  • Video conferencing 
  • Messaging and collaboration 
Pros Cons 
Simple to use dashboard  
Multiple third-party integrations Limited basic plan 
24/7 customer support Free trial limited to 50 minutes 
Call recording for easy review  
Mobile Apps for Android and iOS  


Learn more about RingCentral’s VoIP solutions for law and accounting firms. 



8×8 is an ideal VoIP service provider for small to medium-sized law and accounting firms that need a VoIP service but don’t have the manpower or budget for an entire IT department. 8×8 has an intuitive setup process that even someone who isn’t quick with technology can activate. Setup takes just a few minutes and user management is done through a web portal. 

Add users and features as you need them. You can use your current tools to integrate into 8×8, so you’re able to access client info from anywhere – securely. No matter if it’s tax season, or taking a deposition, 8×8 allows you to access data and be reachable from anywhere. 

8×8 VoIP features: 

  • Audio calls 
  • Video conferencing 
  • Contact center (perfect for firms that field a lot of calls) 
  • Team chat 
Pros Cons 
Mobile apps for Android and iOS No AI-enabled features 
Integrations with CRMs, Outlook, etc. Limited users on basic plan 
Role-based access Knowledge base can be difficult to follow 



Learn more about 8×8’s VoIP solutions for law and accounting firms. 



Law and accounting firms are dealing with sensitive information, so privacy is a top priority. Vonage is a solid solution for firms of all sizes and offers a unified system to bring all tools into one platform. 

Vonage offers a variety of solutions to fit your firm. Vonage is able to grow with your business as it offers one platform for video conferencing, voice, and messaging. Out of the box, there are over 50 features that are simple to set up. Manage the entire system from one portal. Monthly pricing plans to fit the budgets of any size firm. Enable communications from anywhere. 

The features of Vonage’s VoIP service: 

  • Audio calls 
  • Video conferencing 
  • Team messaging 
  • Auto attendant 
Pros Cons 
Seamless integrations including Clio No free trial 
Softphone app Some features require upgrade 
Android and iOS apps  



Vonage is a moderately priced VoIP options for firms of all sizes and it can grow with you as your firm grows. 



DialPad unifies all of your communication tools into one platform to support your team and customers. DialPad is powered by AI and natural language process to deliver insights and automate workflows to improve the employee and client experience. The AI follows all security and compliance regulations, including secure storing of recording and transcription data, and complying with all data laws. 

Provide support no matter the time or day, including chatbots. Intelligent call routing ensures your client’s calls go to the right person. Voicemail to email and call recording allows quick review of your important calls so you don’t miss an important detail. 

DialPad’s VoIP features: 

  • Business phone 
  • Chat and SMS 
  • Video conferencing 
  • Fax 
  • Virtual receptions 
Pros Cons 
Unlimited recording storage No visual voicemail 
Integrations, including Clio Call recording requires higher tier subscription 
Free video conferencing Phone support requires higher tier subscription 
Voicemail transcription  


Learn more about DialPad’s VoIP solutions for law and accounting firms. 




Replace your traditional landline with Ooma VoIP service. Ooma is and easy-to-use cloud-based system. It provides firms of all sizes the reliability of a traditional phone system and the features and flexibility of a cloud-based service. 

Ooma has automated call routing, text messaging, and call recording for those all-important client calls. Whether you’re a small or large firm, and you need to be available at any time. With an auto attendant, Ooma routes calls to the right person. Use your business line on your mobile device without fear of displaying your private number. Ooma will also integrate into the systems and tools you use daily. 

Ooma’s VoIP features: 

  • Softphone (use your computer as a phone) 
  • Audio calls 
  • Video conferencing 
  • Fax/Virtual fax 
Pros Cons 
Low set up fee  
Voicemail transcription Limited integrations 
Mobile apps Basic reporting 
Custom call routing  





Cytracom delivers a cloud-based VoIP solution that enables teams to connect from anywhere. They offer a business phone system. 

Enjoy unlimited calls, messaging across SMS/MMS and the Cytracom desktop, visual voicemail, auto attendant, and one number on all devices. Record your calls so you don’t miss any of those important details. These are just a few of the features Cytracom’s business phone has to offer. 

Take your firm on the go with their Android and iOS app, so take and receive calls as if you’re in the office. Manage all of your services and users from a central portal, eliminating multiple vendors and systems. 

Pros Cons 
SMS/MMS messaging  
Mobile and desktop apps Limited integrations 
Phone upgrade program Some features require higher tier subscription 
Contact center  


When you partner with EVERNET, it’s almost like you have hired an entire staff of technological consultants. We’re here to answer all of your questions when it comes to cloud-based technology and will make sure you’re making the right choice for your company. Let’s schedule a discovery call and talk how a VoIP solution can improve your firm’s communication and collaboration.