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Data Backup and Recovery Solution Providers for Law and Accounting Firms

by | Dec 8, 2022 | Cyber Security, Finance, Legal, Manufacturing, Software

the top data backup and recovery providers

No matter the size of your law firm or accounting practice, your data and your client’s data contain sensitive information. Information hackers want to get their hands on. Law and accounting firms are subject to heightened confidentiality and privacy when it comes to data protection, so it’s paramount to back up and prevent data loss. Finding data backup and disaster recovery providers who can protect valuable data is imperative.


The Importance of Data Backup and Recovery 

Making sure you have data backup is critical. A data backup and recovery process can keep your firm compliant and your client’s data safe from malicious hacking attempts. Here’s why data backup and recovery are essential: 

  • It ensures that data is properly monitored and security protocols are enabled 
  • Copies are constantly made, and data can be recovered promptly in the event of a breach or disaster 

It can be overwhelming to monitor and track your data backups, so sometimes, it’s best to outsource to experts. A data backup and recovery provider can help you every step, from ensuring all data is properly backed up to a full data restore. 

Here are the top data backup and recovery solution providers for law and accounting firms. 


Carbonite is a recognized brand in the industry and they stress easy deployment and control. They’ll help with the setup and installation to ensure it remains compliant and to remove the worry about confidentiality. It’s simple to configure on the provider’s end and is customizable to fit their firm’s needs. A central console monitors the backup and backup jobs. 

Carbonite uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), as chosen by the U.S. Government. AES is the standard for securing and encrypting data. They also run consistent security audits. 

  • Carbonite protects files on servers, external devices 
  • Constant online backups 
  • Just a few clicks restore your data, and support is available to assist with recovery 

Store your data locally and in Carbonite’s cloud. You can access your backups at any time, and in the event of an emergency, you can restore your data from the image backups. Technical support is available by phone and/or remote access to solve your issues. Learn more about Carbonite. 



N-able serves many industries, including law and accounting firms. 

N-able’s data centers follow SSAE16 compliance measures to ensure the latest technology, security, and even fire suppression measures. N-able knows the ins and outs of the latest data regulations and how data needs to be protected and secured. Consistent backups are performed, and their support teams are available to guide you through any recovery – from a single file to restoring an entire data folder. 

N-able has a strong reputation in the cloud backup industry. Here’s how they remain industry compliant: 

  • 256-bit AES encryption 
  • Ongoing risk analysis 
  • Automatic backup and verification 
  • Strong password requirements 

N-able has customer support available by phone and on-call support in the event of emergencies. Learn more about N-able. 


Datto is another backup provider that has backup and recovery solutions for law and accounting firms. Law and accounting firms are obligated, legally and ethically, to protect their client’s information and ensure all protocols are in place to prevent unauthorized data access. 

Datto provides compliant cloud storage, off-site backups, and disaster recovery managed from their data centers. A DevOps team oversees all channels and implements critical patches and updates to maintain compliance. 

All data transmissions with 3rd party APIs happen over a 256-bit encrypted channel (TLS). 

  • Data recovery is available within seconds 
  • 24/7/365 support 

Datto provides enterprise-grade backup and recovery that’s compliant with data regulations, ensuring all client data is safe and secure. Learn more about Datto. 



Acronis is a cyber protection provider whose services include data backup and recovery. All data is protected according to the latest data protection regulations. 

Acronis’s cloud backup and security is FIPS 140-2, CJIS, and reduces complexities for your firm. Acronis simplifies deployments and management in a simple-to-use dashboard. 

Acronis will also sign a BAA with covered institutions that require it and implement all encryption methods and safeguards to keep data protected and accessible to those authorized to view and access it. Learn more about Acronis. 



Barracuda is one of the leaders in data protection and recovery. Barracuda offers on-premise and hybrid deployments, as well as cloud-based solutions. 

Barracuda complies with data regulations and is committed to protecting systems from all threats. Barracuda ensures data is protected and all solutions are monitored to maintain compliance to avoid fines and penalties. 

Barracuda ensures the privacy of your client’s data and knows that protection is non-negotiable. Barracuda takes on the role of your cybersecurity provider so you can concentrate on your clients. 

Barracuda uses military-grade encryption, data loss prevention, and other advanced measures to protect your data. Barracuda will sign a BAA. Data uploaded to Barracuda’s Cloud is protected with TLS encryption, and all data stored is encrypted with 256-bit AES and stays encrypted until retrieval.  

Barracuda has phone and email support available 24/7 to assist with any data emergencies. Learn more about Barracuda. 

If you have questions about data backup and recovery, the experts at EVERNET will be your resource. We have a team of experts skilled in data backup and recovery and can ensure your firm’s backups remain compliant. Let’s schedule a discovery call. We’ll get to know your needs and ensure we find a fit tailored to those needs.